Francisco: The Pope & A Bird (Videos) (video)

Francisco: The Pope & A Bird (Videos) CONTRIBUTOR: Live Free or Die. Throughout history, whenever the Catholic Saint Francis of Assisi has been pictured, he has been shown with the dove of Peace. Mainstream media is now making a big deal about the most famous bird in the world today, a seagull which perched precariously upon the Vatican chimney prior to the…

30,000 Missing: The Pope, Argentina And the Dirty War

CONTRIBUTOR: muckracker1. Over the next few days there is sure to be more attention on DailyKOS about Argentina and its history. Certainly, this attention is needed if any of the comments I’ve read following the election of Pope Francis are an indication: Argentina is not a mystical, backwards, superstitious nation. Applying…

The sins of the Argentine church The Catholic Church was complicit in dreadful crimes in Argentina. Now it has a chance to repent

by Jean

Hugh O’Shaughnessy ***Tuesday 4 January 2011 08.20 GMT Thanks to J. Benedict XVI gave us words of great comfort and encouragement in the message he delivered on Christmas Eve. “God anticipates us again and again in unexpected ways,” the pope said. “He does not cease to search for us, to raise us up as often […]

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