Memorandums of Agreement, created by two unelected and unaccountable non-governmental regional planning bodies, in collaboration with federal agents, are being sent to all California county governing bodies for their approval. If approved, representative government and rights to “coordination” will effectively cease to exist and be subordinated to government dictates by a process called “cooperation”. If federal agents are doing this in California, they are likely doing it across the country.
Under the agreement, the natural resource planning for all participating counties will be consolidated into one super NGO. Essentially, two NGOs are working with federal agents to create a third super-NGO that serves the interests of the federal government.
Each participating county will be represented by a single person, through whom all future federal government communications will go instead of through the county commissioners, sheriffs, fire departments, and other elected officials. A U.S. Forest Service agent and a Bureau of Land Management agent will be assigned to work with that one person, forming a triad of which the majority two-thirds will be government agents. It is the perfect setup for federal takeover, while maintaining the appearance of representative participation, however tenuous.
It is up to each county’s governing body (typically the county Board of Supervisors) to accept or decline. Make sure your county does not sell you out.