Thanks Leanne for this one…it isn’t enough for them to control our food production and poison that, but now they want to control all weather conditions for food production the way the want perhaps???-A.M.

Published time: October 03, 2013 17:20
Edited time: October 03, 2013 18:22

AFP Photo/Philippe Huguen

Agriculture giant Monsanto has announced acquisition of the Climate Corporation, a climate data research company, expecting that its info will help farmers maximize crop yields with fewer resources.

The $930 million cash purchase is set to give the company an upper hand in the quickly expanding field of scientific weather data, something that would put vast amounts of climate information at farmers’ fingertips.

Monsanto said in a press release that the Climate Corporation “has a core set of support tools to benefit farmers. These include products that help them boost yields on existing farmland and better manage risks that occur throughout a crop season.” 

The company added that the merger of crops with big data presented a possible $20-billion profit increase across the entire industry.

Monsanto’s chairman and CEO Hugh Grant said that “the Climate Corporation is focused on unlocking new value for the farm through data science… everyone benefits when farmers are able to produce more with fewer resources.”

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