Some of these are reposts but worth repeating just in case you haven’t read through them all.  There really are very few of us who want this war other than the Cabal………-A.M.

syria_hands_off_400_2PressTV: Selected “Syria” Headlines, September 6, 2013

US orders diplomats out of Lebanon

Fri Sep 6, 2013 3:12PM
The US State Department on Friday ordered non- emergency embassy staff in the Lebanese capital Beirut to leave the country amid security concerns due to a possible US-led military strike on neighboring Syria.

UK fails to rally support against Syria

Fri Sep 6, 2013 2:33PM
British Prime Minister David Cameron has acknowledged failure to rally support for his and U.S. President Barack Obama’s push for launching an invasion on Syria over alleged chemical weapons’ use by President Bashar al-Assad forces.

‘AIPAC set to drag US into war on Syria’

Fri Sep 6, 2013 2:28PM
A new report says the pro-Israel lobby group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is planning to launch a major campaign to push US lawmakers into backing White House plans for a strike against Syria.

‘No action on Syria without UN backing’

Fri Sep 6, 2013 2:17PM
UN-Arab League Special Envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi has warned that any US military action against Syria would be illegal without UN Security Council authorization.

US warned of Syria advanced air defense

Fri Sep 6, 2013 2:1PM
A political analyst has cautioned the US against launching a military attack on Syria, saying the Middle Eastern country has sophisticated air defense capabilities, Press TV reports.

US ‘horrified’ by brutal Syrian militants

Fri Sep 6, 2013 1:52PM
The US State Department says it is “horrified” by a shocking video showing foreign-backed insurgents committing war crimes.

Syria sends troops to Christian village

Fri Sep 6, 2013 1:44PM
The Syrian army has sent reinforcements to the western Christian village of Ma’loula, where government forces have been battling foreign-backed militants for the past three days.

Russia regrets US snub of Syria talks

Fri Sep 6, 2013 1:33PM
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has expressed regret that US Congressmen are not willing to meet with Russian members of parliament to discuss Syria.

Iran ‘ready to allay’ West N-concerns

Fri Sep 6, 2013 1:19PM
Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has reiterated the country’s readiness to allay Western concerns over its nuclear energy program in a “win-win manner.”

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