This is one of my favorite sites…they have done such a great job broadcasting the various crop circles that have been appearing on Planet Earth.  

Well, it now looks as though the 2012 season is in full flow! We have several new formations to report…

1. Cherhill White Horse 25th June 2012
2. Stanton St Bernard 29th June 2012
3. Waden Hill 1st July 2012
4. Liddington Castle 1st July 2012

We have images of the Cherhill and Stanton St. Bernard formations below, the others we have yet to fly. The weather is very problematical at the moment with the UK experiencing a barrage of wet weather and stormy conditions, not at all the usual sunny summer!

Karen has been drawing many of the formations and is working on some new blogs, but this time of year always becomes very pressurised, so we will keep you updated as we can.

Cherhill, nr Calne, Wilts.
25th June 2012 – Barley – approx 150ft in diameter.

This formation carries some lovely proportions linked with both Pi and Phi

Stanton St. Bernard, Wilts.
29th June 2012 – Wheat – approx 150ft+ in length.

Tears from a heavenly city, or Atlantis rising from the ocean – you decide…

As we flew over the farmer was taking a donation box into the field. At first we wondered if he was going to cut it out!

Karen’s lovely drawing of the Stanton St. Bernard formation

Karen’s drawing of the new Waden Hill formation – we have yet to fly it. It is a tiny formation, not more than 60-80ft in diameter, but as you can see it is very pretty. It marries the flower of life with the tetractys.

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