Two of those arrested accused of selling pork products that were made with meat from ‘poor quality pig heads’

FRIDAY 03 MAY 2013

meatChinese police have arrested 904 people and seized 20,000 tonnes of illegal products since the turn of the year, in an investigation into “meat-related offences” which revealed fox, mink and rat meat all being passed off as mutton.

Suspects in Baotou produced fake beef and lamb jerky from duck meat and sold it to markets in 15 provinces. Levels of E coli in the product “seriously exceeded standards”, the country’s Public Security Ministry said.

One suspect, called Wei, made more than $1 million (£643,000) over four years buying fox, mink and rat meat, adding gelatin and other additives, then selling it as mutton at farmers’ markets in Jiangsu province and Shanghai. Authorities raided Wei’s organisation in February, arresting 63 suspects and seizing 10 tonnes of meat and additives.

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