The Morning Blessing

We stand at a crossroads of development in our consciousness; you can feel it, right? Many of us who seek to understand ourselves via the pursuits of spirituality and self-development are discovering that living a mystical life is not what we were initially taught it was. The old notion that that mysticism is about obliterating the ego and living a monastic life or taking pilgrimages to spiritual lands under the tutelage of a guru is beginning to fade as the mystic archetype individuates into a new expression. Now to embody the Mystic demands that we build a healthy (albeit flexible) ego fused with our soul, stay in the busyness of the world, and with an internalized Zen space, enter the crazy, hectic, and sometimes chaotic days of life and not the stillness of a temple.


After all, what is the point of recognizing Oneness with others if you don’t do something proactive to honor that awareness in the world? And make no mistake, we do indeed live in exciting and yet perilous times, do we not? Our world has changed and is changing in unprecedented ways in contrast with our recorded history. Dare I say real hope for the world begins with discovering what it takes to become that New human being with ego and soul living in harmony. When you are no longer the you of other paradigms and incarnations, but rather the New embodiment that you intended for this life, then all of those things that were connected with who and what you once were, cease to be the whole of you. Which means that every single one of your relationships has changed, even if the people in those relationships don’t know that change took place.


No gulf exists between your life and God’s life, except for your awareness of yourself. No time, no space exists between you and God’s life — only the level of awareness from which you live determines whether you understand this unity or not. That means the task is not to try to change things in time and space, but to bring yourself back into the moment where the possibility of this relationship already exists, and where your realization of it changes everything and everyone involved. This is the marriage of ego and Soul living together peacefully.


For example, imagine you start to get angry at somebody; of course, the reason your anger grows is because you feel you have the right to be angry. In your mind and defended by the ego, the other person did something, and you think you see all the reasons why. But in a flash your Spirit (Soul) delivers a revelation to you: it’s clear that if you go forward with what you are about to do – even though you think you must in order to change the other person so that you don’t have to go through this again — you can “soul see” that such an (angry) action changes nothing at all. And in that same moment, you become aware of the whole of yourself… a wholeness that shows you that this anger you say the other person produced is hurting you.


You see the anger isn’t good for you. You know it isn’t good for the other person. It’s more than evident that this negative state is good for nothing. To see the truth of this ends the question of what to do with the person, and the problem of the pain being blamed on the other person. The choice to set down this suffering is made for you by the same state of self-wholeness that made your suffering evident to you.

Awareness of the whole of yourself changes the whole of yourself in the instant of that awareness. In that moment, all that you were and ever will be with any other relationship, has found a new path. You don’t know what will happen to you if you don’t express the negative state. You don’t know what will happen to you if, for the first time in your life, you let go of caring how others might see you if you don’t have the last word. Instead, you’re going to go ahead with what you know is true instead of trying to protect what you sense is false. You’ve come to that point in the journey where you cannot see beyond the unfolding moment, but where you are aware that you can no longer be the kind of human being who acts from what is unkind towards anyone at all. Knowing what you can no longer be, you step into the whole of something, because you have stepped out of yourself.

It is there you will find that everything is good. It is there you find out nothing can happen to you that isn’t for you, and nothing can happen to you in such an action that isn’t for everyone else, because you have given your life up for the sake of what is whole. It’s clear to you. Then, it doesn’t matter where you go, it doesn’t matter what you have to do, the things that weigh don’t matter — all of that simply changes, because now you’re not sitting outside of life trying to figure out who you should be and what you have to do to keep your life in place. You have grown up spiritually. You have decided on the life that the whole, that Spirit wants to give you.


The power of Spirit to awaken me to my own spiritual nature is at work in me
even as I read these words; the Infinite Presence of Life is culminating in
its latest wonderful evolution in me this very moment. I am part of the
Infinite Universal Presence, created out of it, with all the wisdom and
power and creativity it has. I’ve always got access to this creative power
for transformation, and I let that power go to work in me this very day.

Knowing that Spirit is always at work in me in this way, I wake up to Its
workings and work with it. I daily set the intention to open my mind and
heart to experience my own spiritual nature. I daily set the intention to
receive the good that is here for me. Every day of my life, I choose to give
the best I have to offer the world, and in every moment, I give thanks for
the blessings that are everywhere around me.

I let myself grow and change, not holding onto the good from the past, and
opening to the greater good that’s blossoming in all people and things. I
call it forth. And I am ready for this; there’s nothing in me that resists
this opening in any way. Any places of fear or confusion are now filled with
clarity and courage. And for this process of unfolding, of awakening, I give
thanks. Because it is done. And so it is.

© 2003 – 2012 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved. Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website.