Plainclothes policemen walk with protesters during clashes in the Kit Kat n

Once the Egyptian military issued its deadline, the endgame was obvious. The military and the opposition were teaming up to replace the Morsi regime.

The military’s deadline meant that it had a plan for moving Morsi out within that timetable. And we are seeing that plan moving forward. There are now reports coming in that Morsi is under house arrest. That may or may not be true, but the military has reportedly announced a travel ban.

The genuinely impressive thing about all this is how smooth it is. The military is using liberal protesters to escape any accusations of a coup and the liberal protesters suddenly find themselves on the same side as the police and the military. The ostracized protesters suddenly find that their protests come with a steel fist. And the military no longer looks like a bunch of thugs. Everyone wins, except the Islamists.

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