Divine Self Explains Why and GETS REAL With Channelers (and Defines “True Forgiveness”) ~ via Simon Nightstarr ~ February 23rd, 2013

As Channeled by Simon NightStarr
122 U291bmQgd2F2ZXMgb3NjaWxsYXRpbmcgMjAxMTA3MTktNC5qcGc=(Note: Please find the HUMOR in this message, if you so choose to, for much FUN and JOY went into manifesting it. It is not intended to “offend,” but definitely designed to gently strike a nerve or two, as I AM inspired now to share it. I love you. Peace.)
Some of you have noticed that a predominance of channeled messages speak heavily of that which you call the “past,” as well as that which you call the “future.” This is simply because that is precisely where the minds of most channelers (and humans in general) are focused! Most humans, including a large number of those who are quite open to alternative spiritual practices such as channeling, are simply not too interested in channeled material that is highly centered around true forgiveness, such as given in books like “A Course in Miracles.” Such high-level spiritual psychology is often overlooked in favor of “monthly energy reports” and predictions for the new year, as well as fascinating information about Atlantis, Lemuria and ancient Egypt, among other “past” societies.
The simple reason why true forgiveness is overlooked is because most of humanity is not quite at the point, en masse, of understanding that the “forgiveness” they have been taught, although very beneficial for awhile, is often very dualistic and polarized. “I will forgive you for doing such-and-such.” This type of “forgiveness” perpetuates the illusion of the past as being “real,” when in fact all time is simultaneous, is all NOW. It makes the so-called transgression or violation into something “real” that must be “forgiven.” This type of thinking is indeed helpful for those who have very “cold hearts,” in a matter of speaking, and would need to lighten up and “forgive” in this manner, in order to raise their vibrational frequency, their mood. However, this is NOT the kind of forgiveness that your Higher Self wants you to ultimately learn.
True forgiveness is that state of consciousness that REMEMBERS that everything—EVERYTHING—is an illusion, a mental interpretation of the mind through the senses. That is, every THING is an illusion. Things, which includes all thoughts, emotions, actions, perceptions, conditions and experiences. True forgiveness is GIVING LOVE to all illusions, remembering with clarity that nothing that occurs is actually “happening,” since all experiences are holograms, mental projections, and ONLY DIVINE LOVE IS REAL. This radical type of forgiveness is not what most of you feel ready to fully accept yet, but you have indeed made much spiritual progress in understanding such a concept. After all, the notion of time being an illusion is nothing new to any of you that read this, and you all know for a fact that what you perceive with your physical senses is not what ACTUALLY EXISTS, no matter how much you may deny this fact and claim otherwise.
Both “past-oriented” and “future-oriented” are actually the same game, the same trick of the ego, which uses its perceptions of “the past” (and “the past” is just a label, and nothing more) to keep your attention ensnared with fascinating details. This is the ego’s use of HYPNOSIS. Knowing that you are hungry for satisfaction, its game is to dangle a tasty carrot in front of you just far enough out of arm’s reach, knowing very well that as long you keep reaching forward (looking to “the future” for your reward), or looking to “the past” for validation, that you will NEVER, EVER reach it! This is a twisted game of avoiding what is always most obvious—the existence of the Eternal NOW, as evidenced by the feeling-state of “I AM,” “I exist,” which is undeniable. You cannot actually deny this universal fact, for to “deny” it is merely to reinforce its validity and existence. It takes one to EXIST in order to even claim otherwise! Therefore, do not even believe yourselves when you say such ridiculous things like, “I know that I know nothing,” which is what increasing numbers of spiritual seekers are affirming. Incorrect! You KNOW that you EXIST!!
Focusing so much on “the future” (just a label, remember) is nothing other than the same egoic mind-game of keeping you focused on the past! This is because most people do not actually expect “the future” to be different than “the past,” or else you would have seen very rapid changes. From one moment to the next, you generally expect more of the same, and more of the same, and more of the same… This is your own ego keeping you from forgiving yourself, keeping you from acknowledging the fact that the current “you” that you experience is but a momentary, fleeting thing, and IS NOT the Real You, which is Eternal and Divine. Remember, your “reward,” your true satisfaction, is to be found NOW, within you, and never in an end result or accomplishment of a goal. Enjoy the journey, the movement of Divine Life as It flows through you. Your only “success” is the amount of JOY that you presently feel.
Most channelers simply spend decades offering pretty much the same teaching, the same type of information, packaged differently from time to time. This is not a criticism by any means, for I too have an Eternal Message that I tirelessly give, over and over, throughout my endless channels. The only difference is that I RECOGNIZE and FULLY ADMIT that I am not offering you anything that is actually “new,” for “There is nothing new under the sun,” as a wise teacher of yours has stated. There is nothing new beneath, above, behind nor in front of the sun. The sun, by the way, is symbolic of your ATTENTION, the RADIANCE of your attention and focus. Everything that you could possibly perceive is within this infinite field of attention. I ask that you channelers (and I mean ALL OF YOU reading this, for YOU ALL CHANNEL), understand that the energy and information that you bring forth in thoughts, words and actions IS NOT what is actually being conveyed to you from Spirit, but is rather a TRANSLATION, and nothing more. Angels do not actually care about giving “energy reports,” per se, but rather are interested in communicating God’s Love to you in the highest and best ways that they can do so, according to your own beliefs. It is YOUR human belief and interest in such things (energy forecasts, predictions, Atlantis, conspiracies, etc.) that conjures up such information when you channel. You would be SURPRISED if you knew HOW MUCH of your own subconscious beliefs and fantasies have colored the information that you channel!!
[Frequency shift to Cosmic Awareness]
This Awareness recognizes that much of the current channeled material of contemporary metaphysics is quickly becoming more and more about the Eternal Now, thus being more NOW-oriented, for there is much information regarding the All-That-Is and multidimensional reality and perception. That this is to be encouraged and continued, for some of you “new” channelers are actually more integrated with the new energies than many of the long-time channelers, due to your particular Soul agreement before taking incarnation. It does not matter, of course, for no one is really “ahead” nor “behind” from the perspective of this Awareness. This Awareness encourages you all to remember that Its Love is within you, and to remember to bring forth this Love in all that you create. This Awareness sends Its Love to all.
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