Dr. Kathryn E May, PsyD

Friday night, as Kathryn drove home to upstate New York, she felt “God pinch my toe.”  … Yes, her cosmic “phone” was ringing.  She received the following message as she drove, and again, upon arriving at her home, received it in written form. She asked if she should share this:  Yes.  And Kathryn read it to us on last night’s call:


We are telling you to prepare for the coming departure from Earth as you know it.  This is the last chapter of your life – this current life – on Planet Earth.  You must find a way to communicate with those who are not quite ready, but dear to your hearts.  Tell them we are all going to be ascending to a higher plane of existence and they are invited to go.  In order to make the transition, they must raise their vibrational levels to the 5.6 Dimension, or higher.


This message, as I said, was read to us on the Saturday night Zorra call. And on the recording of this call, you will hear the discussion that followed.


Last night’s call was a real classic!  So much new information …Ashtar spoke, telling of some of the earlier set-packs that we were not aware of.  He told of the coming Announcements, NESARA, funds distribution, etc.


Upon Kathryn’s return from Hollow Earth, she told us of her Hollow Earth experience, while Zorra occupied and spoke through her Earth body.  She and Zorra discussed many aspects of Hollow Earth… it was a real “tour” and so much fun.


We learned about mermaids, Bigfoot, the imminent sea trip confirmed now by Brooks Agnew to Hollow Earth.  About parts of Lemuria and Atlantis rising. Where?


And, we learned who is looking forward to meeting Kathryn on her next trip to Hollow Earth!


This was SUCH a fun and informative call!

Don’t miss it!