Down below report was filed on the MUFON datatbase, and was made after the reported abductee also made claims of alleged “electronic interferences”.

For the past two months I have been experiencing electronic interferences. I cannot give specific dates because up until the 9th June, 2013 I really didn’t think it was anything unworldly and to be honest things are very blurry and there are blank spots. I began taking interest into the Boston Marathon bombings due to the mysteries and inconsistencies surrounding the case, which lead me to Anonymous videos and Illuminati videos.

That’s when the interferences started to happen. Only in the room I was in on that TV did the cable stop working all other rooms still had cable. It didn’t phase me to much the first 3 times. Until I noticed the pattern of watching those videos and my interference. When this would happen I would turn of my laptop then wait 5-10 minutes and my cable would come back on. This continued to happen and did about 4 more times. My mom was witness to it. The second last time it happened my friend was there and i had told her every time I view Anonymous videos or Illuminati videos my cable goes off in the room I am in. 10-15 minutes after it happened…so I called my provider in front of her.

When this did happen a bulletin would appear saying you are experiencing a service interference please call your provider. So I called and explained my situation and they said that my cable should be fine as there is no evidence of disruption on their end and I asked what could cause that to happen on my end and he said the only thing I can think of is a stronger higher frequency in your area is throwing it off. So my cable stayed off for about 30 minutes. In this time my dog was barking a lot at random times and at nothing. Needless to say my friend and I were scared. I looked one more time and it happened again and I stopped for a bit. I took it as maybe a government telling me to not look at those things or something.

Now the first night the same friend and I realized this wasn’t normal. Again her and I had started to notice the incredible rising influence in the Illuminati and satanism symbols in mainstream public. I am a fairly spiritual person I have never once considered myself at Catholic or Christian but I do firmly believe there is a higher power. My friend is the opposite she doesn’t believe there is a God.

This night we had found out that certain family members hers or mine I do not wish to divulge simply out of fear are in fact involved in a masonic church (eastern star). This was quite frightening for both of us and sickening. Just as we had begun reading this information about the ritualistic nature of the church my TV began acting up the picture was still up but it was chopped up and all jumbled.

It was then I noticed the specific chilling words appearing on the screen. Below are the words we both saw;

-Aaron Burnett (My mothers maiden name is [Name removed/cms/tg], and I was supposed to be called Aaron if I was a boy)
-10 days

We were extremely frightened, and this lasted for 45 minutes but the words only appeared within the first 5 minutes. That night after my friend left I had gone downstairs to go for a smoke my patio door which has beige curtains you can see a street light through I saw at the corner of my eye below the street light shining through the curtains a light like someone had light a sparkler right outside the patio door and it went in a spiral when I looked right at it there was nothing but my dog was whining at the door. I went and looked opened the door and turned the light on there was nothing and my dog wasn’t whining anymore so I just chopped it up as my eyes playing tricks on me.

After that we were convinced there was something bigger than we thought in this.

Now I had never ever had an encounter in my life up until this point to my recollection, however having said that I do feel there are other beings in this universe just based on the immense size of it. However the thought of them being here…was hard to swallow. So we became interested in things that surrounded the possibility of UFO’s and ET’s. We watched videos with Paul Hellyer, and it lead us to project IBIS here in Canada. My friend has said she wanted to watch dark skies. I agreed because it actually just looked like a fun scary movie. But once we watched it I couldn’t get through half of it without crying.

I didn’t understand why I was remembering things to my knowledge that I have never experienced. It made me feel crazy. Something I do not usually or ever feel. However the similarities of my remembered events and my recent memories were very uncomfortable. My mother has been very tired lately and has had flu like symptoms and has been less than supportive of what I have been experiencing which is out of character for her; I was raised to be a free spirit, and have an open mind and aloud to make my own opinion of our world. She would always support me in things uncommon.

To put it frankly she was and is acting like she has no emotion. She also gained a nickel sized rash/infection behind here ear. She went to the hospital and they said that if she hadn’t come in it would of spread and infected her brain and cause her severe illness or even death. It’s still visible but smaller and after seeing this movie I looked into it and it is a popular occurrence. I just feel there is a reason my friend wanted to watch this.

My friend told me to tell my Mom, but I just didn’t want to deal with her recent reluctance. So I didn’t we both went and sat outside my house in the front a place we sit often. It was about 1-2 minutes in right in our eye sight larger than anything I had seen at that distance an object appeared less than mid sky it was glowing white with red at the bottom. It was mesmerizing. It looked to be in the shape of a tear drop/ cone/triangle all within that sort of shape but it was orb like and did not have a structured outline.

It went into hyper speed or something hit mid sky and disappeared. Right next to where the first one disappeared on the right hand side about 5 seconds after an orb like UFO came out of some other place on the right side of where we saw the first UFO disappear it was so bright and about 3 times larger than the first one it illuminated then lessened in sized to about 2 times smaller than the first UFO. It then began moving across the top of the sky slow enough to keep track but fast enough to say it could be a plane. Once it was on the opposite side of the sky it high sped it and disappeared as well. At this time we noticed two flashing orbs smaller than the other UFO’s but bigger than a star they were on either side of where these UFO’s appeared. They had red, blue, green, and red flashing colors.

My friend and I obviously shocked and in shock ran into my house and grabbed my mother and my step father to come and see this. My mother not surprisingly gave me a hard time, but my Step Dad did not. He came outside and agreed he did see the objects that were flashing and hovering in a tight circle. My mom kept saying she was sick and then eventually went inside and vomited and went back to bed. About 2 minutes outside with my Step Dad, a plane flew by and it was fairly visible it flew by both UFO’s but nothing changed they stayed in plain sight.

My step dad stayed out with us for about 30 minutes and we watched as these UFO’s hovered in one spot and moving very slightly from time to time. We attempted to take photos but they didn’t pick up what we were seeing (extremely frustrating). Eventually we came back inside to check if anyone was able to catch this on video and put it up. We saw one video but it looked nothing like what we saw. So at around 12-1 am my friend decided it was time to go home ( I am having a lot of trouble remember time since that day and so is she). She got home and immediately phoned me very nervous saying our radio station 105.3 kiss FM wasn’t working at all in her car and didn’t the entire way home. We both said tonight was weird but we are both over reacting and went to bed.

This is where things get really blurry. I woke up at 6:20 am I had a doctor’s app that day and my Grandmother was going to take me. I rolled out of bed in my pjs went and grabbed my pants then I can’t even tell you what happened. I woke up to my grandmother coming into my room and saying where you have been we’ve been calling you like crazy. I got up and realized it was 11:15 am and I was naked from the waist down. I think my Grandmother could tell I was confused and asked me why I was still sleeping and I told her I don’t know and the conversation didn’t go any further. I finished my app and went home my phone had died during and I was only able to turn it on once I arrived home. Once on it was flooded with voice mails and text messages.

From my friend I was with the night before. She was freaking out saying she is really scared. So I phoned her immediately (before I say this I would like to point out she is not religious and not very into anything like this until the weird occurrences began happening) She answered and was very upset. She keeps a sketch book and draws from time to time she was opening up her book to the next fresh page so she thought and to her total shock there was a sketch done a picture of grey alien in the desert with two UFO’s on either side. She told me she doesn’t remember drawing this and was extremely shaken. It’s then that I told her I was missing time and we both realized what had happened.

It has been about 2 days since this and we have both realized we have been showing symptoms of abduction for about 6 months now. Loss of appetite, or extreme binge eating. Weird dreams that feel very real that involve the faces of family and the family isolating you. Craving for salty food, then healthier food. Rejection of most foods, I have just recently been diagnosed with IBS. Intense increase in anxiety for no reason. Flu like symptoms without the flu. Confusion of time and days.

The night we saw the UFO prior to the sighting my friend said she was experiencing menstrual cramps but she was on the patch and has a very strict routine in which it comes and she was spotting. And the day after there was nothing. I however have been having my period twice a month for 6 months now and my doctor does not know what is causing this yet. Also about a year ago or more I had an experience when waking from sleep a figure was holding me down and wouldn’t allow me to wake or escape but I was in some sort of lucid state. My step dad told me I was screaming for my mom for 5 minutes in my recollection it was only about a minute.

So now I am recalling memories that don’t feel like they are mine. Recalling belly button probes that were very painful, and a long relationship with these possible ET’s. From the day I was born I had been plagued with conditions and slight hindrances my foot grew in my moms pelvic bone area and I was born with a seriously twisted foot which I eventual over came. From 3-6 I experienced severe night terrors. Once I turned 11 I had woken up with a condition that appeared out of nowhere called primary lymphedema. The lymphnodes in my groin area on the right stopped working and now I cannot get toxins out of my body like a normal person it makes me weak and it is hard for me to function normally. However it has never affected me in this way, like confusion and nausea and severe headaches every day It took my mom 3 years to find a doctor who knew what I had she was from New York and said she only knows of 14 other Canadians having this.

I feel I am only becoming aware of a lifetime long one sided relationship with these ET’s…Anyways I feel absolutely coocoo these days but I’m sure you get a few of those here and there. I have tried to give you everything to the best of my knowledge like I said I’m still very confused and things are blurry it comes in chunks. But I never once thought I’d be one of the people claiming abduction because I thought it was ludicrous. I am just scared for me for my family and now for my friend.

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