This just spoke to me and aligns so well with the article I posted yesterday titled “The Wave of The 144,000.” There are some really good tips in here as we live each day and go about our lives…

Being in the NOW has been a much spoken of and sought after experience throughout time and history. A teacher I had many years ago used to say “Be in the NOW, don’t ask HOW, and experience the WOW!” I always loved this simple yet profound statement and still use it as a reminder today.Back in 2002 I also wrote what I called “The Now Prayer” which goes like this:


Here I AM, in this present moment in time, in all of eternity.


All is well, and no other moment matters.


May I forever reside in the eternal NOW.


And so it is. Amen

I have worked diligently, as have you I’m sure, to actualize the experience of being in the NOW within my life. With the help of some very radiant beings whom I call my friends at this point, I have learned and realized a whole lot about this.

One of the first teachings I received from my radiant friends many, years ago was that most of my efforts to be in the NOW were focused within a very small segment of linear time. I was shown how I was attempting to gather my energies, especially my mental energies, from many other limited points in linear time and to focalize them into a single limited point in linear time.

It was pointed out to me that this was useful and had purpose, but that it would not ultimately lead to what I was seeking. I was then given a gift of expanded awareness of what the NOW moment experienced by the Illumined Ones really is.


Their NOW Moment incorporates all linear time moments within the history of the universe! They also indicated that for incarnations within a reality matrix such as we are in now upon the Earth, that this would not be fully possible.

However, they also indicated that we can open up our NOW Moment to include all linear time moments in the reality matrix of the Earth. This means from just before her inception as a planetary reality to just after when she opens the final petal on her lotus of consciousness and sends us on our way into other experiences in the universe.

The very first step in accomplishing this is developing enough self-awareness whereby we can recognize, linear moment by linear moment, where our overall sense of reality is being focused… i.e. what context it is operating within. For many people, to be present and focused in a moment of linear time means that almost everything else is then being excluded.

To access and experience the Infinite NOW where we have a strong conscious sense of our full Divine Presence in the current linear moment, we need to have a secondary channel or sphere of awareness developed. An awareness that allows us to operate in that linear NOW Moment with a grand overview.

It is this developed ability to access and simultaneously operate within multiple planes of awareness representing various nesting contexts for reality that is truly the basis for experiencing our multi-dimensional selves!

As you go through the day to day, moment to moment flow of life, just begin noticing the different contexts of awareness present in your conscious space.
  •     Do you have any awareness of the underpinning cosmic nature of mundane things?
  •     Do you have any awareness of how what you are doing and where you are right now in your life, relate to the trajectory your soul has taken through a multitude of incarnations on the Earth?
  •     Are you able to see that HOW you are doing whatever you are doing in the current linear moment, is more important than WHAT you are actually doing?
  •     Notice how any of these types of awareness are operating in relationship to the type of awareness you need for accomplishing the mundane practical tasks of life… can you hold both types of awareness present simultaneously whereby you can engage practical matters from the platform of your cosmic-self awareness?

These are the challenges we face in experiencing our multi-dimensionality within the space of one very limited linear NOW Moment.


When we succeed at bringing these elements of awareness together in an integral fashion, we then also begin to breathe the Breath of Infinite NOW Presence.


Ascended Master Lord Menon is taking us through a process in the upcoming Temple of Asha’Ha ~ Breath of Infinite NOW Presence webinar transmission that is meant to greatly facilitate your ability to experience the multi-dimensional self and apply it to the practical matters of life.

Increasing our ability to solve mundane problems from the Infinite Breath of NOW Presence that issues forth from the multi-dimensional time-sphere is truly a higher form of liberation.

Master Menon and the Metatronic Councils of Light will also be sending forth powerful energy transmissions that embed the consciousness encoding to accomplish this. The combination of the pure cosmic energy transmission supporting the practical process led by Lord Menon is powerful indeed!


Please join us and the lovely cosmic group energy forming for this Temple of Asha’Ha ~ Breath of NOW Presence transmission with your special love-light!  


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