Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ufo5 I was sitting on the couch next to a window watching the weather. Thunderstorms on their way. Other than a dim light above my front door, there is no lighting. My apartment faces the west & over looks trees. I noticed bright yellow orange orb like lights traveling up & to the right. I was frozen with fear as I have Seen many program on similar experiences. As more appeared I made my way to the window & snapped a few pics w/ my iPhone. I called my ex [Name removed/cms/tg]. He is very knowledgeable about the unexplained. He didn’t answer. I quickly filmed a video of the last of the lights traveling. My phone was close to dying so I stopped the video so I wouldn’t risk losing it if my phone died. After the remaining lights disappeared into the sky the humming stopped. I sat on the floor near the window for about 10 mins. I was afraid to move. I sent the pictures to “T” & posted the video on Facebook. I also sent it to a local news station. I was eventually able to send the video to “T” & he advised me to contact MUFON.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

UFOs Observed Ahead of Severe Tornadoes in Oklahoma -News Report Video

My initial inclination is that this would just be flying debris but in this particular video I am not so sure. 

Posters Comments

Interesting footage from a TV news item which seems to show multiple objects watching the Tornadoes across the Great Plains. UFOs or something else. Footage credit Michael Davino.