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Your Isolation is Over

truthThere are many voices in the universe. There are many messages being delivered to the Earth. You must evaluate them based upon their content and upon your connection to Knowledge. You must want the truth above and beyond any other advantage, or your desires will blind you, and your beliefs will lead you astray.
It is a difficult challenge to be the race that is discovered. It carries with it a great responsibility and a great danger. Humanity has no defense yet against such intrusions nor does it recognize the danger that exists at its borders. You are living and thinking as if you lived in isolation, without realizing that your isolation is over and that you will never have it again. You have reached a point in your development where other races will attempt to persuade you and influence you on an ongoing basis.
You possess wealth and yet, to your advantage, Knowledge has not been taken away from you. You have maintained your religious traditions. You have maintained awareness that you have a connection to a Divine Source beyond any worldly power. You value your conscience, still. Knowledge has been kept alive in the world for your benefit. Now you need it as never before.
Passage from /The Allies of Humanity/ , Book Three, Fifth Briefing.
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