My Organic Light Realignment Process Experience with Geoffrey Rosenberg 

Wow! This session was one of the most powerful I have experienced in a long time and has effected me profoundly! For some years now, I have been very selective with who I allow into my energy field. I felt led to have a session with Geoffrey, wishing to understand my connection with Gaia/Sophia. His heart connection and clear protective measures at the beginning of our session set a purposeful and safe environment for deep healing.

Leading up to the session, there was a lot of chaotic, emotional stress with computer/video camera problems, household stress etc. I have come to expect this when leading up to a spiritual shift. Once we got worked around some technical difficulties on my end, Geoffrey set our field for the session beautifully. During that process he guided me in making a connection with Gaia Sophia which released waves of energy and deep emotional pain, grief and the tears began to flow, releasing stress in my body. I’m not often an outwardly emotional person but these waves continued on and off throughout our session.

As Geoffrey began ‘speaking’ the language of light/sound it was a roller coaster of activating codes, releasing energy, opening channels, unlocking unreleased emotional pain, and feeling the deep pain of Gaia and all of her inhabitants. At one point Geoffrey and I were inside a vortex, working, moving, and joyfully connected via our hearts to the planet and central sun. I had an overwhelming feeling of wonder that profound change was being catalyzed and underway.

As a musician, I was drawn to focus on the sounds and tones Geoffrey was ‘speaking’ and the feelings and emotions they created. These waves carried on throughout the rest of our session and continued for the next few hours. In the following day(s) the sadness and stress dissipated.

Over the last few years, it has been sometimes difficult to read words, remember or find the right word, or to have a fluid conversation…very frustrating! After our session and the following weeks, I seem able to communicate more easily. It is as if the non-word codes in the tones and sounds speak to the soul on a completely different level than words can and have completed something in me allowing easier verbal and written communication.

At the end of the session, Geoffrey took my photo to capture my post alignment energy signature which was used in creating a multidimensional portrait of my realigned energy signature. I was fascinated and interested to see what my portrait would be like but, for some reason did not open it for almost a week! Our post-session conversation was very interesting, loving with relevant information for me to process, contemplate, research and meditate on in the next week or so. Through those weeks, I experienced more waves of emotion, and greater desire for inner work. Meditations took me into a deeper, more personal connection with Gaia/Sophia. Alexandra’s Galactic Essences provided specifically for this healing work greatly helped keep me balanced through the whole process.

When I did finally look at the artwork, it reactivated the waves of emotion, more tears, but now with a feeling of deep peace. As instructed I first looked at the triptych (one of the pieces of art which he created he chose to use in my portrait). We had not spoken personally about my soul family but, I was pleasantly surprised to see the artwork he chose to help create my portrait reminded me of those beings. Each time I have ‘experienced’ the portrait, deep emotions rise, and feels as if I am clearing past traumas and stepping into more self love and compassion.

For years I have felt a vague knowing that I came here to hold a specific frequency for the planet. Though it is hard to put such a profound experience into words, my session with Geoffrey has shifted and strengthened my connection with Gaia, with myself, and deepened my soul connection with the native collectives. It feels as though I am energetically contributing to her more personally vs. needing to draw energy from her. I love my energy portrait and reminder of this deep and wonderful healing experience! Thank you Geoffrey for this beautiful gift!

With much love and gratitude,