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KingCobraAfter listening to Cobra’s very first interview on June 13th, something within me clicked.  I knew somehow someway I was “triggered” by some of the information Cobra had shared and the sincerity in which it was expressed in assisting to bring freedom to Planet Earth.  After all, this has been my mission as well, for years, burning holes in my shoes wherever I have gone.  I can still remember the days when all I wanted to do was build people’s awareness about what has been going on behind the scenes and its malevolent impact on the people and planet.  I have since then learned that my overzealousness could scare others when sharing the realities of our  government’s agenda, as well as the whole World Order.  It was time to hold the space for those who were seeking and allow them to seek me out.

I would speak to anyone who would listen to the idea of a New World, where everyone has their own truth and love amongst people is a given.  A place where others are no longer struggling with pain, suffering, disease, and loneliness.  A place where each individual focuses on himself/herself and therefore, heals the planet in the process.  A place where the government actually cares about its people instead of using them like lab rats.  Lennon had it spot on…”imagine all the people” cohabitating peacefully and truly accepting our differences!

So whatever it was that I heard, I literally felt it was “code” to take action.  I thought to myself that my website is the” newbie” on the spiritually oriented block of the digital highway, but I literally couldn’t get my mind off the need to track down Cobra.  I kept thinking it was bizarre since I have heard countless interviews of this sort…so why is Cobra any different?

Well one interesting coincidence was Cobra’s comment on the fact that The Event was scheduled for April of 2012.  My Guidance had been urging and prompting me to have my site up by no later than April 1st, where I was given a dispensation until April 11th.  This was the reason for burning the midnight oil for two months straight, as I was “told” the site would be essential for dispersing truthful information and counteracting the fear mongering that has spread like a virus across the web regarding the significance of 2012.

The final scenario was at a small group meditation before I was to interview Cobra.  We discussed questions, purpose, and my reasons for being so drawn to this information and what I wanted to accomplish with the interview.  Along came a beautiful Andromedan woman in my mind’s eye, appearing to me and revealing information that she felt was pertinent and timely.  I was told by her that we were working with the Resistance on the “other side” and this was why it was so intriguing for me.  We asked for some confirmations and made a pact to manifest much needed items in order to proceed ahead with our City of Lights vision.  As we were exiting the park, strolling through the grass, I saw what I thought was a gold coin on the ground, shining up at me from the sunlight.  Realizing what we had just learned from the Andromedan named Sophia, I bent down only to find a bottle cap with the bold silver letters of ‘COBRA’ imprinted upon it!  I had never heard of a beverage called Cobra and found out later it is a malt liquor.

So I find Cobra’s energies to be very straight forward and yet gentle.  There is a sincerity about Cobra that is unmistakeable, and I can see why the Resistance Movement has assigned him the task of dispersing news and break-throughs for the Light.  

Below are the links to the interview with a transcription around the corner. First off, I just want to clarify that Cobra’s  voice modulation has been sped up compared to prior interviews in order to make the communication easier to understand.  We discussed a wide variety of topics from the mass arrests, to star gates, ET’s, Ascended Masters, healing chambers,  and more.  My desire was to present theories or ideas I have read in various books, channelings, or seminars.  I wanted to pull away from the fixation on the cabal arrests and into something more interesting.

When I was reviewing some current affiliated articles related to Cobra, I saw several blogs and sites revealing discordance, casting dispersions upon Drake, David, Ben, and now Cobra.  This was all based on the fact that the mass arrests had not taken place and there were one too many false hopes.  It saddened me to see the rift that has developed within our community due to the ubiquitous exhaustion, anticipation, and frustration that we have experienced from enslavement and an overwhelming yearning to be free.  

Right before I commenced the interview I received this message:

We know you have been accustomed to The Dark running the show for so very long.

And it is good to use discernment, however

what we prompt you to do now is to think about what is suspicion accomplishing?

Is it supporting positive movement forward for The Light?

Just listen to messages with neutral mindedness – for no one can predict the Divine Decree timetable, nor should we.

You are in a web of frequencies now that can literally present you with what you want to manifest instantaneously.

You are experiencing the least amount of interference in a very long time.

Use the information from these people who have positive intentions to kick-start a wave of change for what YOU want.

You are the change – so remain neutral – remain balanced in your perspective.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself how the information makes you feel.

Are you inspired?

Are you seeing a new future?

Are you beginning to dream about true freedom?

Then ALL of these messengers have done their job and done it well.

And so It is.

So, I hope you enjoy the interview but I must ask you all to forgive my occasional noise from the headset I was wearing.  I will learn and do better next time.  Until then, I thank Cobra and all of you for the interest in expanding your knowledge and supporting your planet and mine.

With much love, Alexandra






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