Entrance2Entrance to the Serapeum
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As we ease into our Golden Age, when all truths must be known, we learn that underground and close to the pyramids is a network of chambers with stunningly beautiful white archways and niches. These were opened in December 2012.

In the niches archeologists discovered at least 22 monolithic stone boxes, weighing about 60 to 70 tonnes each, including the solid stone lid of about 30 tonnes.

One of the remarkable things about these boxes—which are empty, by the way—is that the surfaces are precision-honed to within a few ten-thousandths of an inch of being perfectly flat, with perfect 90 degree corners.

Not only that, but the inside surfaces of these boxes are highly polished to a near mirror finish.

Perhaps the most notable fact about these boxes is the material of which they were constructed. Watch the video to learn more. Stephen Mehler is your guide to the Serapeum.

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