Crop Circle’s appear at Woodborough Hill. Alton Barnes.Wiltshire on 6.09.12 that match the Mystery Nibiru lights that appeared next to a passenger plane in Australia and in California : The Full Report

10 June 2012 09:19:51

Images by : Lucy Pringle and Carter Wright June 9th 2012

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In a previous article entitled “Nibiru System In Full Color As Seen By A Passenger On-Board A Comme…” We outline how the picture below matched up perfectly to the Avebury Manor Crop Circle,



Now an additional Crop Circle has popped up on June 9th 2012 in the location of Woodborough Hill. Alton Barnes. Wiltshire shown on the Google Map below.



Now the very interesting thing about this new crop circle is that it matches up once again to both the images taken by the airplane over Melbourne, Australia in the rwo previous articles written by Donny Gillson last week entitled :


Nibiru System In Full Color As Seen By A Passenger On-Board A Commercial Aircraft over Melbourne, Australia May 28.2012 Exclusive


The Nibiru Star System Photographed Above Mountain Ranch East Of Los Angeles on yet another Passenger Jet 05.31.2012




Over the past several weeks Donny Gillson has been writing articles on the arrival of Nibiru and jaw dropping imagery that has never been seen before. Could this new crop circle be the communication and validation that was required for all to investigate what this reporter is stating? In fact two major articles written by Gillson entitled “Amazing Spiral Seen Over Iraq, Jordan & Sirya NOT A RUSSIAN Mis…” and “Huge Asteroid Moving Towards Earth Found On Google also contains a …” have not even had more than 50 views since it was written this afternoon.

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