shooting starFar more important than learning the names of stars is to experience them. And far more important than seeing details in a telescope is to experience the stars themselves.

Many people don’t realize that nearly all photographs of outer space – grand nebulas, spiral galaxies, fountains of energy many times the distance of Earth to Sun – don’t appear as they are portrayed. The pictures have been colorized, to make visible the wavelengths that are normally invisible to our eyes. These photos provide a good introduction to the wonders of the gardens of the heavens, yet are made-up pictures. You can experience those invisible wavelengths of energy with your own feeling sense, and expand your sensory capacity in the process.

RECOMMENDATION: Make yourself comfortable outdoors (so your neck is comfortable) and gaze at the display above you. Let your eyes find a star, any star, not necessarily the brightest or the one in the most fetching geometry – rather the star that your eye settles on. Then gaze on that star. Have a conversation – energetically. Permit yourself to sense the quality of that star. And permit the star to sense the quality of you. This is naked eye astronomy. Not for ten seconds, but for a whole minute, then for three minutes. Then you’ll know why we recommend this method.