NASA: 1968 film show “Mysterious City” on the hidden part of the Moon! We do not know how much real or real there is in the movie we show you. Many websites have reported this news and we report it as usual. Our task is to inform and then everyone has to draw their own conclusions.

The footage you can see in the video below seems to have been kept hidden by NASA and was recorded in 1968 (a year before the “first” moon landing in 1969 of the Apollo mission). The images were leaked January 17, 2016, through the so-called “deep web” or deep web.

According to the conspiracists, the shots were taken during the twenty-seventh secret mission of NASA, unsuitable for the public viewing of the moon called “Syn 25” Mission, the key name of the mission, which shows us incredible cities on the other side of the Moon, exactly in the dark and non-visible part of the satellite. The dark side of the Moon is not really what we think and the shots were taken by the astronauts in the lunar orbit.
The cities that are visible in the video are very similar to human cities built by the company T and NASA, from 1965 to 1968. But is this really a city of Aliens? Do these shots really show us the city lights on the moon or are they special effects? Reality or fiction? Watch the video!

By Miguel Hernandez Jr (Mexico)

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