September 05, 2012

by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media
    Strange charged particles streaming from the core of our Milky Way galaxy may be a long-sought signal of dark matter – the elusive element thought to make up much of the universe, a new study reports. 


Increase Charged Particles –>Deceased Magnetic Field –>Increase Outer Core Convection –>Increase of Mantle Plumes –>Increase in Earthquake & Volcanoes –>Cools Mantle and Outer Core –>Return of Outer Core Convection (mitch battros 2012)

Researchers using the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite have characterized in great detail the charged particles that form a mysterious haze at the center of our galaxy. They suspect this hazy cloud is not generated by the normal matter that makes up everything we can see and measure.



The Mayans called it the “5th Element” also described as “Ether”. The definition of ‘ether’ described in various dictionaries such as Webster and Cambridge say: “It is a theoretical substance which occupy all space, postulated to account for the propagation of electromagnetic radiation through the universe.” Mayan prophecy speaks of ‘celestial events’ as mentioned in the Mayan Sacred Books of ‘Chilam Balam’ and ‘Popol Vuh’ to occur at the end of the 4th world and beginning of the 5th world. We are in that time right now.




“The charged particles cannot be explained by the structural mechanisms in the galaxy, and it cannot be charged particles from supernova explosions,” says Pavel Naselsky, of the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Naselsky added; “We believe that this could be proof of dark matter – otherwise, we have discovered an absolutely new (and unknown) mechanism of acceleration of particles in the galactic center.”


The first evidence of the galactic haze was spotted by NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe in 2004, and researchers have been attempting to explain it ever since. Anisotropy means having different physical properties in different directions, usually in more than a single axis.




In the new study, researchers used Planck and WMAP data to look at the spectrum of particles in microwave wavelengths. They determined that it is most likely synchrotron emission, which is produced by electrons and positrons streaking at incredible speeds through magnetic fields at the center of the galaxy.


Dark matter is thought to be scattered throughout much of the universe, and is likely to be very dense at the centers of galaxies.





This is what I authored back on June 21, 2011


“Over the last three years and up until this date, we have witnessed monumental leaps of the scientific world’s new understanding of the inter-galactic play between Earth, the Sun, and the Milky Way itself.


New information is coming in so fast, scientific scholars are seriously concerned over the re-designing, re-thinking, of established charts, graphs, formulas, templates, hypothesis, and most everything that resides in scientific journals and books.


In short: something is changing – and changing fast.


What is at the center of this “something”? Is it a core blanket of thought, understanding; a new discovery of a central “something” that changes all known paradigms? The answer is yes.


It is this “something” that our ancient ancestors have been trying to tell us for centuries. In several descriptions of this “something” coming from sources such as the Maya, Hopi, Jesus, Anasazi, Sumerians, Buddha, Dogon, Ra, and this list goes on.


It is sometimes referred to as ‘holy spirit’, ‘creator’, ‘sun god’, ‘soul’ – in more modern times it is referred to as Chi, Ki, Prana, Gaia. It is a source that connects all living things. Mayan prophecy refers to it as the “new element.” They have given this “something” a name – they call it “Ether.”


Specific to the Mayan Calendar – a transition to a new state-of-being (awareness) has already begun. The date of December 21st 2012 does not have the function of a light switch. There will be no difference on Dec. 20th or Dec. 22nd. This calendar date has always been meant to serve as simply a post-on-the-road telling us we have just about come to the peak of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one.


What is the “something” that drives cycles? Answer: Charged Particles”