Bon Voyage! Nassim Haramein in Australia! 

nassim-harameinNassim Appearing as Keynote Speaker for ADC Leadership Forum, Australia
Nassim is currently across the globe with Director of Communications, Susan Kornacki, at the ADC (Australian Davos Connection) Leadership Conference on Hayman Island. This is a unique gathering of international business, political, academic and community leaders. It is a platform for these select guests to participate in a “fearless exchange of ideas” at the cutting-edge of social and political change for a better tomorrow.Read more here,
Read a review from the 2011 forum here,

Nassim Haramein is featured as a keynote speaker at the forum from August 23-25th. Nassim’s keynote talk is titled “A New Understanding of the Natural Forces as a Global Opportunity.” Nassim will also be giving a talk titled, “From Quantum Energy to the Biophysics of Health Technology and Consciousness” as well as participating in a larger international panel discussion on the “Perspectives of Future Energy.”

Nassim on the Gold Coast: The First Public Talk on New Paper!
Queensland, Australia August 30th & August 31st  

For all the Aussie’s in our community, do not forget that Nassim will also give a public presentation for the first time since his release of the Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass paper! Hear him describe a simple and beautiful holographic solution to quantum gravity. Quantum gravity is the bridge between relativity and quantum mechanics, the revolution which Einstein began and the revolution which physicists have been struggling to complete ever since. Come learn how the infinite universe around us is connected to the infinite energy within us, and how each scale of infinity informs our experience of reality.

Nassim will be appearing on August 30th with Jonathan Quintin, cosmologist and geometry artist. Nassim will answer questions from the public the next night on August 31st. Both events are being held in Queensland at the Burleigh Waters Community Center beginning at 7:00 p.m. on August 30th and August 31st. Please click here for more details to attend the event(s).

Documentary Release Date Coming! We are excited to tell you we are close to a release date of our full length documentary, “The Connected Universe” by Malcom Carter. Please stay tuned and you can View the Trailer.