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As you know we are raising $20,000 in donations this week from NationofChange readers to take the next step in our fight against biotech giant, Monsanto. Your donation will go towards: increasing the reach of our National Monsanto Television Ad Campaign; providing space, resources, and public transportation for the GMO Free Midwest Occupy Monsanto Conference; and providing supplies (printing, media, online ad campaigns) for the direct action on Monsanto’s corporate headquarters across the country.

Why Monsanto? Here are 8 Key Facts to know:

  • Monsanto spent 4.2 Million dollars to squash California GMO Labelling [1]
  • Monsanto is responsible for several varieties of “superbugs”. [2]
  • Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup has spawned over 120 million hectacres of herbicide-resistant superweeds while damaging massive amounts of soil. [3]
  • An Argentinian Study Found that Monsanto’s Roundup Ingredient Causes Birth Defects [4]
  • Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, glyphosate which is destroying and/or altering the microbial biodiversity of the soil, jeopardizing the fertility of the entire biosphere. [5]
  • Monsanto Researchers found that consumption of GMO corn or soybeans may lead to significant organ disruptions in rats and mice – particularly in the liver and kidneys. [6]
  • Monsanto has been caught running “slave-like” rings, holding off pay and forcing undocumented workers to buy their food only from the Monsanto company store.[7]
  • Monsanto effectively owns most US diplomats, and is currently using this political capital to start “Trade Wars” against Nations Opposed to Monsanto’s destructive policies. [8]

Are you convinced that nothing short of direct action will stop the destruction against human health and the environment for which Monsanto is responsible?

Make a 100% tax-deductible donation now, and help us raise awareness about Monsanto’s crimes. If we stand together we can overcome even vastly funded and powerful opponents. 

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