National summit IRMEPYesterday, March 7,  the “National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel ‘Special Relationship,’” was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The presentations lasted from 9:00-am to 5:00-pm and were very informative and not a single word about it in either the Washington Post or the Washington Times, so for Washington, it did not happen.

by Debbie Menon

It was the most joyful 9 hours spent watching and listening to some of my favorite and  frequently featured writers and commentators all in one large tent speak with precision, sophistication and objectivity in analyzing US-Israel “special relationship” and providing a wealth of information and historical chain of events, that has brought us to this day in which it has been unanimously concluded by these diverse experts, authors, investigative journalists and former counter intelligence analysts on the panel that Israel is indeed a liability to America and not an ally or a friend.

Our Dr. Stephen Sniegoski, author of The Transparent Cabal, spoke at the outset  on the “Neoconservatives and the Iraq War.”  He began to speak at about 1:08:20. Speakers were only allotted a maximum of 13 minutes. At about 3:25:36,  Sniegoski tried to deal with a question on the very taboo topic of possible Israeli involvement in 9/11—which included the “dancing Israelis” viewing the falling buildings from across the Hudson River in New Jersey.  He admittedly “sort of hemmed and hawed on this one.” He subsequently emailed us saying :  ” A fellow from the audience later handed me a CD on the FBI investigation of the matter, which is called the “High Fivers.”  I was told it provides some apparent evidence that the Israeli “movers” were positioned to photograph the buildings before the first plane hit. ( I haven’t looked at it yet,  but I see there is information on the “High Fivers” investigation on the Internet that does provide such evidence.)  Significant parts of the investigation are still classified and blacked out, which would seem odd for something that was considered perfectly innocuous.”

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