What does NESARA look like?

Could it look like Bitcoin? That’s actually a very promising idea…

bitcoinIf you look at the history of NESARA, and the conspiracy theories surrounding it, it is the end result of the Farmer Claims Program settlement. Back in the 1980s, farmers in the USA were having their farms fraudulently foreclosed-upon (aka. stolen) by the banks. The farmers got together and took the banks to court and WON.

During the process, they learned how corrupt the banking, legislative, judicial, and executive systems truly are. That is why the records of this case have been sealed.

9/11 Prevented NESARA From Being Implemented

Alan Greenspan was supposed to announce NESARA at 10:00 AM on September 11, 2001. Instead, The Bush-Clinton crime family had their mercenaries not only attack the building where the gold was being counted (the World Trade Center), but also the office where the White Knights were working on exposing the corrupt organization that falsely calls itself the government of the United States of America.

Where was that office? Why, the Pentagon. The White Knights are a group of positive military personnel who are working towards freeing their fellow humans from the clutches of the banksters that have taken over most of the world. Many have pledged their lives in this pursuit, and many have been lost at the hands of the Bush-Clinton crime families, to prevent their crimes agains humanity from being exposed.

Obstacles to Delivering NESARA Monies Through the Banks

The banks are part of the Rothschild network of financial tyranny. Any country that deals with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, or Bank of International Settlements is part of the network of corrupt banks and bankers. Any country with a central bank is guaranteed to be part of this network of control and corruption, including the US Federal Reserve, the Banks of Canada, and the Bank of England. These banks have a vested interest in making sure that NESARA is never announced–they would be broke and destitute.

How Can Bitcoin Deliver NESARA Funds?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is essentially Internet money. It can be spent like cash, so there are no back-charges. It is not backed by any government or issued by a central bank. It offers people ‘Freedom of Transaction’–something that is quickly becoming viewed as an inalienable human right.

Bitcoin operates outside of the legacy global banking system. Wealth can be transferred from one individual to another in a fraction of the time and at a significant fraction of the cost of traditional banking services, including PayPal and wire transfers. Recently, $6,000,000 was transferred via Bitcoin at a cost of 6 cents, and took less than two hours. That same transaction using traditional banks would have cost somewhere between $150,000 and $300,000, and taken up to 15 days or more. With computers, what is the justification for the expense (and excessive regulation) for such a transaction? Does PayPal stuff suitcases with $1 bills and pay people to fly around the world to deliver the money? No, they’re simply raping their customers at every chance they get, and lining their pockets.

Bitcoin is available in places that don’t have a reliable banking system. In Kenya, people are able to conduct Bitcoin transaction over the cellular phone network, since adequate Internet services aren’t widely available. In Cyprus, people traded Bitcoin when the banks shutdown for two-weeks, back in April. In Argentina, Bitcoin has gained popularity, as their peso has been debased, once again.

Bitcoin relies on people to process transaction. Every transaction is public. There are ways to remain anonymous, as long as you don’t convert your Bitcoin into a fiat currency. Then, you’ve lost your anonymity, for the most part.

Bitcoin exchanges have popped-up all over the planet. These exchanges enable people to trade local currency for Bitcoin. This is a key factor in releasing NESARA funds to the people. NESARA funds now have a way to enter the Bitcoin economy, under the radar of the big banks.

What are Bitcoins Worth?

At present, the Bitcoin economy is larger than at least seven of the G20 nations, and it can only grow in size. I’ve been mining Bitcoin for over a year, and there are ten times the number of miners than there were, last year.

Was Satoshi Nakamoto an Incarnation of Saint Germain?

That’s a bit of a stretch, but the possibility can’t be ruled-out, since nobody really knows who Satoshi is or was, since he vanished shortly after creating Bitcoin. This means that Bitcoin survives on the efforts of those who believe in it, and envision a better world for all of us. So far, I think it is working out very well.

Saint Germain appears on the back of the US $2 bill (wearing the hat), an is reported to have been at the signing of the US Declaration of Independence.

Did Saint Germain have a hand in creating Bitcoin?

Who can honestly say? Again, I wouldn’t rule-out the possibility. The funds from the Saint Germain World Trust were to have been delivered in the year 2000. The banksters have spared no lives or expense to prevent this from happening, just like NESARA.

If I were Saint Germain, I would recognize that the established banking system needs to be disabled if there is truly going to be prosperity and abundance for all. Creating something like Bitcoin is definitely in-line with the desires of Saint Germain and his World Trust.

What About Silk Road?

Silk Road is essentially the eBay of illicit drugs. The web-site was shut-down by the FBI a few days ago. I think this is indicative of a change in the collective consciousness in the Bitcoin community. It is time for Silk Road and anything that is harmful to humanity to exit the Bitcoin community.

In Closing

Learn about Bitcoin. Get a Bitcoin wallet. There is a plethora of information available at http://allthingsbitcoin.org. Prepare for NESARA–it just might look a LOT like Bitcoin.