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Grow Your Brain With Neurobics

Did you know that we don’t have a set number of brain cells that die off as we get older? Developing new neural pathways and connections is not limited to childhood but can be developed throughout our lives – even in old age. Neurobics can help activate these new pathways and connections!

This bears repeating – we can establish new, stronger neural pathways through deliberately creating new associative patterns. We can strengthen our brains with Neurobic Exercise!

Neurobics Book 1 – 25 Exercises to Strengthen Your Brain provides you with exercises that engage all of our senses and can be done anywhere and take minutes a day.  We also provide you with guidelines to create your own Neurobic Exercises.  The brain loves to be engaged with the novelty of new experiences. Your mind becomes bored with routine. Make the lifestyle choice to exercise your brain – the side effects are fun, adventure and excitement!

We’d really like to get your feedback.  Did you find this e-book interesting? We’re compiling data for a Neurobics 2 e-book so please let us know about your Neurobic Exercises so we can include them in the next publication!  Post your comments below.

Neurobics – 25 Exercises to Strengthen Your Brain (right click and save)