Like electronic gadgets, we humans are in dire need of hitting the reset button periodically, especially during these transformative times. After a lot of use, electronic machines like computers can become overwhelmed with open software files, applications, photos, e-mails, graphics, calendars, and a huge array of processes that not only tax the memory but slow the speed of operation. Sometimes the whole mess simply causes the computer to seize and refuse to do anything more, and the only thing you can do is shut it down and reset it. We humans are no different. At the end of a long day we too can be overwhelmed with all the choices, decisions, and material on our mental and emotional screens and we just shut down. One final thing can send us into a tailspin and we burst into tears or simply slump into a chair no longer able to entertain even a single question or thought like, “What do you want for dinner? ” If all you can do is drool at this point then you are ready for shut down and reset with a good nights sleep. Keep in mind that another way of resetting the human machine is through forgiveness, forgiving self and forgiving others. This is another way of saying that we forgive our debts, our worries, our fears, our irritations, our projections and so on. When debts are forgiven, the game is reset, and we can start fresh.


How then do we proceed after the reset button has been pushed and we are ready for a fresh start? Unfortunately the typical way most people reset is to begin by doing the exact set of things that led to the last overwhelm so the whole mess is repeated. This has been going on for centuries and it happens for a very specific reason. We humans actually receive about 2,000,000 million bits of information a second through our sense organs. Our intellects are only capable of processing about 2,000 units of information each second, however all 2,000,000 bits have to be sorted, therefore 1,998,000 bits of information must be discarded. How does the intellect know what information to keep and what to discard? Simple. It goes to the memory and then keeps the information that is recognizable and discards any information that is not already familiar and already retained in the memory banks. This is a survival-based system designed to keep the organism safe. The problem is, it is a no growth model. So we just go back to doing what we are familiar with even if it often leads to disastrous consequences. There should be another way and fortunately there is.


There are several steps to this other way, some of which I have discussed before. The first step is to maintain a sense of neutrality about new information and withhold automatic judgment. Strong emotional reactions are often what shuts information off. Prejudices do just this. “Oh, he/she’s gay, black, Asian, Mexican, a Muslim,( etc) and I’m not going to listen.” There are other emotional reactions that are more subtle but just as effective at shutting down the flow of information. “Oh, this person is saying strange things, so I’m not listening.” “Oh, those funny little lights are not supposed to be around that person, so I’m not going to pay attention.” You get the idea. There are a million ways that we simply turn off and move to safety and comfort. So becoming more neutral, more compassionate, and more curious is a way to process the other 1,980,000 bits of information.


The next step after resetting is being able to start a different way. A computer starts the same way each time but fortunately we humans have options if only we will take them. This is where directives come in but first we need to look at the nature of the obstacles we face in doing things a new way. The first challenge is that we as humans are trained to be subservient. Think about it. We have simian bodies. If you go to the zoo and look at the monkey island you will see that of all the monkeys, very few are dominant and most are cowed into subservience, and mostly by a few large males. We are no different. Historically we have been ruled by warlords, chiefs, monarchs, emperors, kings and queens, bosses, governors, religious prelates, and so on. And, as you can see, mostly male. In other words we have been acting like monkeys throughout most of our history. However, you may have noticed that we are more than monkeys. Then why are we not acting like it? Simple, because we are scared of getting beaten up, or worse. Some of us have the scars to show for not jumping into compliance fast enough. What are the prices you pay for not being socially acceptable, normal, affable, or submissive to government or religion. There are heavy penalties for not following the rules and many of us have paid the price over the lifetimes.


Most insidiously we have been taught that we are sinful, unworthy, bad people who have no right to request or demand anything and we should just be quiet and obey what the Church/s and governments tell us to do. Under this hierarchical system not even our thoughts are free because someone’s god is watching. Of course not only religions operate like this, but also governments are some of the prime culprits with their internal security systems, spy organizations, and systems of oppressive control. As you look around this planet it is easy to see that freedom to be has been in pretty short supply over the centuries and even today. This is why the United States was such a novel concept when it was first conceived and established. People from everywhere flocked to the USA from all over the world just to experience a little freedom of expression. However this freedom was so terrifying to some that they began to systematically dismantle the freedoms offered in the constitution and today there is a real threat that the United States is no longer on a trajectory of remaining a free country.


What is the alternative? There is really only one alternative but it involves a break with our traditional monkeylike ways. In fact it involves heresy and sacrilege that in the past would certainly have led to the stake or worse. Basically we need to play God. We need to take responsibility and take charge, but not of others, of ourselves. What does this mean? Essentially we need to ask the important question, do we have free will or not? If we do not then there is not much to talk about. If we believe in a higher force, a source or a creator, it means that creator can step in at any time and dictate what will happen. If this is the case we pretty much have to do what we are told because we are helpless to do anything on our own. We are at the mercy of greater powers and all we can do is beg for help or get really submissive and do what we are told and maybe we will be granted favors. This does not sound like much fun. No wonder so much of past history has been so grim because that is essentially what we have been taught. However if we have free will then we can do whatever we want and take the consequences. That is what non-believers have always done and even though they often ended up in the toilet at least they felt free. There is some power to that.


The other alternative is that you believe in a higher power but you also believe you have free will. This essentially means that Spirit or God cannot interfere in your life unless you say so. This is an exceptionally important point. Unless you say so. What this means is that unless you direct Spirit to intercede, no fleet of saints or space ships, or big guy with a white beard, bath robe and a chariot is going to show up to save you from life consequences. Think about what this means for a moment. You, yes lowly you, have to give Spirit permission, let God know what you want. You have to direct Spirit just as if you were a film director telling the actors how you want them to approach a scene. You don’t grovel, and you don’t ask. You tell, you direct, you command that it be so. You take utter responsibility for what you want to happen. No more wishing, no more waiting, no more being passive, no more being in despair. What do you want to see happen in your movie of a life? What do you want for yourself and for others?


Here then are two version of the same thing and you decide which one has the power.


(Kneeling, head on the ground) Uh, excuse me Spirit. I hope that maybe you are listening although I don’t see why you should listen to me. I have been terribly bad, broken your rules over and over. I am such a sinner. I am in desperate straights. I don’t know where else to turn. Please, please, will you help me today to find some work? I promise to be good from now on. And will you please end this war overseas so my brother can come home safe and sound? Etc.


(Standing) Hello Spirit. This is Sheila (or Max). First of all thank you so much for my life. Thank you for dreaming me up. I know you don’t interfere with my free will unless I tell you to, so that is what I am doing now, directing you to intercede in my life, giving you permission. I want you to help me, direct me to some truly satisfying and fulfilling work that gives full expression of what I am. I direct you to unleash the mighty energies and powers that you have at your disposal, direct your all-powerful love to transform the areas in conflict bringing peace to all the land. Send all your allies, the four directions, the ascended masters, the powerful plant and animal spirits that work for you to those people who are in most need to open their hearts, to come to their senses, to lay their weapons down so that there is peace in the land and around the world. Put powerful protection around my brother so he may return home safely. Make it so. Thank you. I know you are already answering this strong prayer.


So which one inspires you? Which one gives you the power? Which one gives you the responsibility and the ability to create a new dream? Which one frees you from shame and self-deprecation? Which one would certainly earn condemnation from religious leaders? Which one would get the job done sooner? You decide.


So is it OK to tell God what to do? You bet. That is how this game is designed. You gradually find out that you have the power to make things happen, not from an ego place but from a compassionate place. You realize that Spirit created you from itself out of itself. You realize you were given the powers to mold and direct the physical plane through your thoughts and intents. But you also realize you can’t really make anything meaningful happen unless you co-create with Spirit. So then you enlist the great powers to make the world a better place and you do it with authority. In fact the more authority you can muster the better it works because Spirit has a hard time hearing ambivalence or reticence. Spirit wants to know you are serious and absolutely intend what you say. That is called giving Spirit permission to intercede through your free will. Does that make sense to you?


I realize it is contrary to most things you have learned about the proper relationship to your creator but just put your feet in the creator’s shoes for a moment. Imagine that you are the creator and you have hired someone to build you a big house on a chunk of land. You get a call from this employee and they say, ” Boss, I am going to need a couple of trucks to haul supplies and I need some helpers to do carpentry and foundation work. I know I can trust you’ll get them to me right away so I can get started.” You are probably thinking, “This person is competent. I’ll get them what they need right now.” What if they called instead and said, “Uh, er, boss I’ve made a lot of mistakes and blown jobs before. Do you think you could get me a truck to haul supplies and some guys to help me? I’m kind of desperate here and though maybe you might help me out.” You are thinking, “Who is this guy? Maybe I need to hire someone else.”


You are that guy hired to do a job. The job is called waking up your divinity after acting like a monkey for a long time. How are you going to get the job done? Are you going to take responsibility for completing it or are you going to feel helpless, hopeless, and martyred. Are you going to step up and direct the job or are you going to wait around for a fleet of space ship with ascended masters on board to bail you out? You might be waiting a long, long, long, long time. In fact it is guaranteed not to happen because the job requires you do it yourself with friends.


When you decide that war is over and you call in the powers to make that happen you powerfully influence everyone else who is having their own experience about that very thing. A hint of doubt enters their minds about the viability of warfare as an effective solution to anything. That doubt grows and begins to be replaced by alternative creative solutions. In this way you affect billions of people without even realizing it. This changes the world tiny steps at a time. It comes from a place within you. You need not necessarily take actions that are really more resistance than anything else. You only need to choose what you want and enlist the great helpers with conviction. Along with tens of thousands of others, the dream changes course, as it must at this time. The whole avalanche begins with a single snowflake or a single grain of sand. You need not look around for permission from others to have this conviction nor do you need to go around making converts to your point of view. There is no need to tell anyone in fact. Anyone at any time may call in the great powers if they only have the courage to do so and if they know it is possible.


Here are the powers that work for Spirit from a shamanic understanding:


The four directions are four highly sophisticated intelligences that govern the laws of physics in their particular territories. They do so at the service of Spirit. All the galaxies, the stars, the planets, and the Earth and all its inhabitants are living within their influence. We are inside of them and they do respond to us when we turn our attention to them. Who knew? The shamans of the world.


Each of the plants and animals are powerful medicines that support life on this planet. They work for Spirit and respond to us when we turn our attention to them. They are willing to be enlisted to support and help us through our directives and requests.


All the elements: earth, air, fire, water, wood, and metal and all the crystalline structures such as semi precious stones and precious gems are medicines and work for Spirit. They are highly intelligent, have their missions, and are willing to respond to us when we turn our attention to them.


In addition there are millions of intelligent highly evolved beings some with bodies and others who have passed on beyond the physical forms. They are sometimes called ascended masters and teachers. They each have their purpose to serve Spirit and they govern powerful energies and resources that are totally available at our request as long as our directives are in resonance with the highest good. They are in charge of huge reservoirs of Devine love.


There is the Christ force, the energy of God in action through material form. It is everywhere and has always been acting through a high frequency waiting for any human to evolve enough to recognize it and use it. That time is now.


And the list goes on. Just realize that everywhere we look, sense, or feel, there is powerful support for us hapless humans who are pretending to be temporarily stupid. The wonderful support teams that surround us know who we really are. They know that we are playing a game, and that behind the costumes we too are highly powerful and intelligent beings worthy of the highest respect and service. Therefore they spring to action when we tell them what we need and what we want. Some of them do our bidding no matter what because it is not in their nature to refuse. However the most powerful ones only respond when our directives are in keeping with what Spirit is all about, love. In this way we can’t get into too much trouble as we’ve gotten into enough already. Time to straighten that out.




Suggested reading: “Praying With Power” by Jose Stevens (link to Amazon purchase)