According to the woman who made this video, apparently this crop circle signifies that our Kundalini will be activated. The sun is helping activate our DNA. This activation will occur in stages, “slowly, gradually, but surely.” When a serpent is coiled, it is ready to attack. The serpent is ready and waiting patiently for the right time. The eye represents the 3rd eye – the serpent represents your DNA, spine, and Kundalini. You also see an eclipse, touching the serpent. The serpent is effected by the eclipse, getting life from this event. There is going to be an eclipse with the sun and the moon sometime in November of 2012. I looked up eclipses and found a solar eclipse will be November 13-14 and the Penumbral lunar eclipse will be on November 28, 2012. Half the population will feel it, the other 1/2 will not. Some people may be sick but others will be out of body and fly, experiencing an increase in telepathy and synchronicity. Will have activation through the mind, body, and spirit, so if your body is not healthy, then your spirit won’t be. The serpent represents the spine. Your two nervous systems (central and sympathetic)are located in the spine. The caduceus comes from this fact. The DNA has been waiting and is finally beginning to move and open!!! Get ready and start working on yourself – not the world but yourself, especially if you are not healthy.

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