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New UK Circles to Report…
We have several new formations to report this week.
A lovely spiral flower appeared in Warwickshire – thanks to Nils Kenneth for the photos below. For those interested in the geometry of the circles, have a go at drawing this one with compass and straight-edge. The pattern is surprisingly
difficult to draw on paper. It looks like a simple design, but it has hidden depths!
Then two new circles in Wiltshire to report – the first at All Cannings, a circle with triangle/tetrahedron – and the second a lovely eight-fold formation at Hackpen Hill. The farmer at Hackpen Hill is allowing visitors.
Another circle was reported at Hilcott this week but was cut by the farmer within hours.
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 Hoden, near Ullington, Evesham, Warwickshire – Barley
Reported 13th July 2013. Approx 180ft.
Hoden circle in the landscape
All Cannings, near Stanton St Bernard, Wilts.
Reported 15th July 2013 – Wheat. 80ft approx.
Hackpen Hill, near Avebury, Wilts
Reported 15th July 2013 – 200ft approx