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So this Taurus New Moon is the second of three eclipses. Taurus is fixed earth, and a sign of all things steady and deeply embedded. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) hold focus, “fix in” a scenario so that plans and ideas can be developed to the fullest. Beware of what you’re enmeshed in — is it time to seek greener pastures?

Since Saturn is also in a fixed sign (Scorpio), and opposing the Sun and Moon, it’s a time to choose the psychic and physical world you want to invest in. It’s a big deal, because each individual’s choice effects the whole. It’s all the more dramatic, since we’re in the time of re-imagining how we live on Earth — the Uranus-Pluto square.

In his newsletter (posted on Wild Bee Grove) James Gilliland of ECETI speaks lines that carry the energies of Taurus and Scorpio. He says, “Exacting self worth though outer appearances and material acquisition is no longer applicable. Why? Because this society is so dysfunctional and wounded it has nothing more to offer. The ugliest and most painful trick you can play on yourself is aligning with it. Where is the security in aligning with a sick, corrupt, unconscious world imploding in on itself? “

It’s a huge relief to realize you don’t have to be rooted in the mindset and beliefs that have led to so much suffering. The Taurus lunation comes with a solar eclipse — there could be big jolty events that quicken the return to harmony with the planet. And on the “me” level, each of us has big and little choices to make — many each day — that shape our vision for the world.

The Taurus stellium at the New Moon are over the 14 to 20 degrees — a theme of the second decan is struggle. There is a metamorphosis in progress, so be patient with how it all looks. Look for these degrees in your birth chart for themes. For a forecast, see Taurus New Moon in the Houses.

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