Dear Friends,
New-MoonThe New Moon and Solar Eclipse is Thursday, May 9 at 6:29 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is the second eclipse out of three and makes for a powerful time of setting intentions. A New Moon is always a good time to come to a still point and reset anything that is not working. So take some time to evaluate what you have manifested in your life that is no longer a welcome situation. Use the new moon time to make a commitment to change it and set some intentions in that direction.

This time we have among the three eclipses is intense and potent. Be careful what you ask for and be careful of how you may judge what you are manifesting at this time. Try and stay very very positive despite what may be happening in your life. See everything as an opportunity for movement either towards or away from something. Work with gratitude on a daily basis as the lubricant for your intentions. And don’t get distracted by Martyrdom, other peoples drama, and your own beliefs that see the world as very concrete. Always give yourself the freedom to choose something different. Remember you always have a choice.


SHAMANIC HEALING CLINICS: A reminder about Shamanic Healing Clinics by our practitioners and to check our website for the May Schedule of clinics in your area. A shamanic healing session is extremely helpful in these times. It can loosen and clean your energy and remove stagnation to support change and clarity. (link here)