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MoonThe New Moon is Saturday, February 10th at 12:21 AM Mountain Standard Time. If you are in the Pacific Time zone, the New Moon is Friday night, February 9, just before midnight, if in the Mountain time zone it is just after midnight on Friday night actually on February 10. This is a good time to look at where you are, what you have and what spirit has handed you in terms of opportunities, lessons, challenges, and growth potential. Accept it all and then look at what needs forgiving, what needs a choice, what needs more movement, and what needs flexibility and neutrality. Ask the right questions and listen to the right voice for the answers. Try and differentiate between the old patterns and tapes and what is trying to come into your life that is exciting, unexpected and new. This is a great time to dump the old stories to make room for the unexpected and wonderful. Practice gratitude for everything that has happened in the past and that is possible for the future.



Written by Patricia Liles
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New Moon: Sun and Moon in Aquarius ~ 21º

Feb. 09, 11:21 PM PST

Feb. 10, 12:21 AM MST

Feb. 10,   1:21 AM CST

Feb. 10,   2:21 AM EST

Feb. 10,   7:21 AM GMT

Month to month, we move from one New Moon cycle to the next proceeding orderly through the signs of the zodiac.  What are the qualities inherent in Aquarius that will be enhanced as the Sun and the Moon meet in that sign on February 9/10 inviting us to renew in this new cycle?  Aquarius is the fixed, air sign.  Powerfully fixed on the truth, with the strongest integrity in all things.  Keen observers with that ability inherent in all air signs, (Gemini and Libra), to synthesize and glean underlying motive while distilling wisdom and knowledge from what they see before them.  Aquarius is impelled to speak the truth they see; it’s how they get the reputation as rebels, because they cannot abide the pressures of injustice or oppression especially against their own individual expression.  They would rather sever a good job or opportunity than join the herd and sacrifice their personal authority or have to do a ‘dance’ that they refuse to do.  They cannot be compromised.  For this reason, Aquarius often chooses to work solo.  Freedom is their most pressing need.

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