New-MoonThe New Moon is Monday, March 11, 2013 at 12:54 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This new moon is like a still point with the energy winding down to a point of stillness. When you shut your computer down you close out of all programs and applications and then you need to reboot it to turn it back on. Those of you who leave your computer on all the time know that occasionally it is good to close it down in order to give everything a rest. If you think of your physical, emotional and energetic system as a computer, take this day and shut down. Give yourself a rest, a break, and some space. Do only what you absolutely have to and take the rest of the time to either do nothing or to do something that nurtures the instinctive part of you. We could even say that this is an instinctively centered day and it is OK to spend it in an instinctive way.

Many of you are feeling either bloated and sluggish, or dehydrated like a dried out husk. This is due to the fluidity of the times as they work with water on the outside and the inside of the system. Remember that this is a time of emotional movement. Watch your reactions and take responsibility for them. If you are bloated, cut down on salt as salt is a preservative and holds fluid in the body. If you feel dry and parched, add some minerals and electrolytes to your water and look at where you may be allowing yourself to be “sucked dry”. Most of all pay attention to balance and what you need to do for your own balance. Too much or too little of anything will throw you out of balance. Strive for the “just right”, no more, no less.
And don’t forget to move the body!

PS: A reminder for those in Daylight Savings zones to put your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night March 9.



Written by Patricia Liles
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New Moon   
Sun and Moon in Pisces ~ 21º
Monday, March 11, 2013, 1:51 PM MDT
(7:52 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

This most feminine expression of Moon energies is calling, calling, calling us inward, downward to our depths to drink from our inner wells of divine inspiration.  As we pass deeper into our inner sanctuary, we witness all around us the ills and suffering created on the physical plane when we keep ourselves separate from the nourishment and guidance of inner divine contact.  Piscean compassion is born out of just such witnessing of the addictions we use to protect our hearts, the shutting down of our energy flow to defend against further perceived trauma, and the delusions that we can have any control of life’s twists and turns.   As we witness compassionately, we must also be like Innana, (Ishtar) Queen of Heaven, who as she approaches the seven gates of the underworld must offer up her crown, her cloak, her amulets, jewels, her girdle, her gown and even her skin, so too must we surrender protections and self aggrandizements in exchange for union with the divine being residing in all of us.  Surrender to the source greater than the self and Compassion for those who find this the most difficult task of all is Pisces’ wisdom.

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