channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 1, 2013

babajiWith your arrival at the light all conflicts and all wars end, with your arrival at the light you enter the eternal kingdom of peace. Until then it is important to be vigilant and to endure, you must participate with full force in the ascension process. Inertia, laziness, idleness or indecision affect today every awareness that succumbs to these conditions to its greatest detriment  – and this immediately.

The separation of the worlds implies that you feel displaced, that you experience states that seem to be unreal to you, that you are here and there at the same time, that you do not know what is happening with you and with your perception. In these “intermediate space-times” you will get used to the level of the 5D, so that you can switch easily and naturally into the new state at the zero hour.

Currently, the errors are increasing, currently the illusion of time builds up powerfully and takes a lot of people, and pulls them down, back into time, because for an untrained mind and a soul that is not prepared for these events, ascension is not only impossible, but absolutely unreal.

Therefore, I announce as follows:

1) Significant and sudden changes in society, whether through war, natural disasters or the peaceful and conscious evolution of humanity, are off for those left behind (on 4D), what happens is that in the linear edifice of space-time everything will occur as previously and development is possible only step by step – this applies to the 4D level.

2) The worlds that will be destroyed by the catastrophic events will find themselves at the level of the third dimension of being. The “Planet of the Dogs” will then open its gates to welcome the newcomers, because many people have chosen this evolution.

3) After all the “sub-holograms” that serve as bridges of ascension to the realms of the fifth dimension are dissolved after the successful ascension, the souls of those left behind will enter a subtle “level of redefining’, from where each entity will continue with its individual journey. Either in 3D or 4D or in different regions of the universe.

This would say that all clones and uninhabited body wraps that are equipped with at least one soul fragment of their primal soul will choose between 3D and 4D. If these remaining soul fragments have fully surrendered to the evil, then their path must commence on the 3D earth, has everything been done to brace against the darkness, then the soul will incarnate in 4D as a whole entity. Evaluated will be the actual soul state of each entity, after all the soul segments are present and after these have appeared for judgment before the “Council of Life” and the “Council of karma”.

These complex processes illustrate how comprehensive this ascension of humanity and the world is. And it shows that in the precision of God every man will experience exactly the “fate ” that he has determined for himself.

In a nutshell, this means that human clones with still remaining soul fragments that were fully imbued by malignancy and hatred on 4D, will return to 3D and that people, who oppose these conditions with all their force, will remain on 4D. Only people who have overcome these conditions go into the light. Still one should actively go to work on oneself, because your hearts must be healed before you find access into the realms of light.

Anything is possible until the very end. The impossible does not exist. Ascension and descent live next door to. The heavenly hosts expect all comers, so that the new worlds are populated and so that the passengers reach their new destination fields.

I am with you. Everyone who calls me is blessed and everyone who denies me, denies his divine nature, which means to choose death rather than life on 5D.

I am