Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
By Pam Younghans
piscesTHE WAVE of Pisces energy we’ve been riding for the past couple of weeks is at its crest this week, as more than half of the planets are in the 12th sign. And, many of the other planets that are currently traveling through other signs are forming exact aspects with one or more of those Pisces planets. This adds even more emphasis on the lessons of Pisces and provides insights into how we might best use this time.
More specifically, on Wednesday:
  • Six planets are lined up in Pisces: Neptune, Chiron, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and Mars
  • Venus and retrograde Mercury are exactly conjunct (at the same degree) in Pisces
  • Saturn is exactly trine Mercury and Venus, and also within orb (range) of being trine the Sun and Chiron
  • Pluto is exactly sextile Mercury and Venus, and also within orb of being sextile the Sun and Chiron
  • Jupiter is closely square Chiron and within orb of being square Neptune, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun 
  • Saturn and Pluto are strongly sextile each other (exact on Thursday) 
  • Saturn is sesquisquare Mars
  • Even the fast-moving Moon is joining in the mix, being conjunct Pluto and sextiling all the Pisces planets on that day
That’s a lot! And if so many astrological terms are causing your mind to blur, you’re already getting a preview of some of the energy this week.
THERE’S SO MUCH going on with the cosmic energy field this week, it’s hard to know where to start in our interpretation. Perhaps looking at the Sabian symbol for the 12th degree of Pisces (where Venus and Mercury are aligned) will provide some insights.
Ah, yes. Here it is:
“In the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested.”
So interesting that last week, we talked about the Full Moon being a time of initiation! And here, we see that this week already we are being tested, to see if we are able to handle the higher frequencies we’ve promised to uphold.
HERE IS an abridged passage from Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of this symbolic image:
“The ‘initiates’ have become constituent parts of an integrated field of mental-spiritual activity. No longer seeking, the initiates must prove their ability to fulfill the function of the Whole.”
I was aware last Monday, following the Full Moon, of a sense of a burden having been lifted. When I communicated that feeling with a friend, she confirmed that this had also been her awareness.
The gifts of spirit may be offered freely, but they also require us to be responsible and use those gifts wisely. That appears to be both the challenge and the opportunity of the week ahead.
WITH RETROGRADE MERCURY being a major participant in the in the energetic landscape this week, we may not be able to figure out everything (or anything?) on a rational, logical level. Our minds are adrift in the Pisces sea, and we may speak in mystical poetry more easily than in practical prose.
In “fact” (funny to use that word in this context), it would be great if we could engage in activities that allow us to relax our minds and take advantage of the cosmic wave this week. Since this influence comes in the middle of a work week for most, that advice may be difficult to follow.
EVEN IF we can’t take a holiday on Wednesday, we can at least make the time for meditation and writing down the dreams that come to us during sleep. We can also pause during the day, take a deep breath, and connect with the aspect of ourselves that is beyond Merely Human. We can call on this higher dimensional/vibrational self to guide us throughout the mundane activities of the day, making sure that we bring to all of our interactions the compassion and perspective that Pisces encourages us to develop.
And, if we are involved in a creative project, we can more directly access our own “muse” with this influence, since the veils between the conscious mind and the intuitive mind are exceptionally thin at this time.
I APPRECIATE that grounded Saturn and Pluto in practical Capricorn are adding their sizable influences to the energy field this week. After writing these last couple of paragraphs, I am feeling extremely “heady,” which means we will need tethers to the earth this week.
Be sure to connect with the heart of the Earth in your meditations this week, or to do other grounding exercises that work for you. We might think that the optimal transcendent experience would mean drifting off into the ethers — but it is important to stay connected to this reality.
IN SUPPORT of that theme, here’s a short vignette from the woman who makes flower essences at Green Hope Farm in New Hampshire, about what inspired the essence called “Grounding”:
“When the Angels suggested to me that I needed to get more grounded, I said, ‘Grounded? That doesn’t sound very appealing to me. What are you going to do? Clip my wings?’ What the Angels gently explained to me was that we can only process and fully experience life when we are grounded with our souls fully in our bodies and our bodies present in the here and now. Not being fully in my body meant not being fully in my life. Sometimes it meant I did not move through my lessons at all but got bogged down indefinitely, because I was not fully present.”
It’s such a balancing act, isn’t it?