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Astrologer Pam Younghans writes her weekly NorthPoint Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights to assist you in making best use of current energies.

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Highlighted Aspects this Week

MON: Pluto sextile Sun, Chiron semisquare Venus, Chiron conjunct Sun; TUE: Sun semisquare Venus, Venus square Nodes; WED: Venus enters Aquarius; THU: Jupiter goes direct 2:42am PST

WE MAY need to make some adjustments in our expectations this week, as we get used to having both Mars and Saturn retrograde (moving backward). These two planets are usually focused on external manifestations, so it can take a while for us to adapt to their shift in focus, as we learn to follow their trail inward

But, not only is it true that “resistance is futile,” we can also benefit greatly from taking advantage of these retrograde phases, by doing the inner work they support. After all, Saturn will be retrograde until July 20, and Mars until May 19. It would be exhausting — and a waste of energy — to spend that many months fighting the flow of the river.

(Please see last week’s issue of this Journal for an overview of the meanings of these two retrograde phases. The most recent past issue is always available on the InnerSelf website.)

AS IF to make up for Saturn and Mars, the largest planet in our solar system completes its retrograde phase and goes direct this week. Starting on Thursday, Jupiter will once again be moving forward through our skies.

Jupiter went retrograde on November 6. For the past four months, Jupiter has supported us every time we turned inward for guidance, and every time we stumbled upon an old, outdated belief and realized we were ready to broaden our vision of what is possible.

Now that Jupiter is turning direct, we are ready to build upon the insights and guidance we’ve received. Here’s what Bil Tierney writes about Jupiter’s change of direction in his book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis:

“When Jupiter finally turns direct again, we adopt fresh, new attitudes, separating ourselves from social standards that have been blindly followed, that have been stifling for our inner growth.”

SINCE JUPITER is one of the planets in the Cardinal Grand Cross that is building in influence now, we can expect that our need to challenge old social standards will also grow in the weeks ahead.

Jupiter is currently in Cancer, the sign that represents home and emotional security, traditions and the past, and our capacity for nurturing. These are some of the areas where we are likely to experience a growing need to break free from old standards.

CHIRON and the Sun align in Pisces on Monday this week. Chiron is known as “the wounded healer” in astrology, which means we both experience a wound and are supported in the healing of that wound when Chiron is emphasized.

This is a short-lived alignment, which means its effects will last just a couple of days (as compared to the Pluto-Uranus square, which is in effect for three years). Even so, the Chiron-Sun alignment is an opportunity for us to see where we may still seesaw between the polarities of control and surrender, individuality and oneness, dealing with practical reality and escaping into alternative worlds.

WE’RE JUST seven weeks away from the strongest effects of the Cardinal Grand Cross. We can continue to watch the Moon’s aspects each week for clues and insights into how the configuration will play out in our individual lives.

Here are the Moon aspects to the four grand cross planets for the coming week (all times listed are Pacific Standard Time):

  • Monday: Moon square Jupiter 1:14am, conjunct Uranus 1:50am, square Pluto 5:46am
  • Tuesday: Moon opposite Mars 6:44am

As you can see, most of these occur in the overnight or early morning hours in my part of the world. For those of us who will be asleep for these aspects, it may be a very good time to pay attention to any dreams that come forward.


Today’s photo: Aurora “flame” over Straumfjord, Norway on February 22, 2014 (photo by Micha, posted on