Your Guide to Planetary Energies for

January 20 to 26, 2014

By Pam Younghans


Today’s photo: Auroras over Steigen, Nordland County, Norway (photo by Bjørn Anders Nymoen, posted on



astrology-painting-sun-moon-zodiac-signsA RELATIVELY QUIET week (astrologically speaking) lies before us. The list of exact aspects is very short, and those on the list are not among the “heavy hitters” of possible planetary interactions.




This is one of those times when what’s going on with our individual charts will hold the greatest import, since we’re not dealing with collective challenges as directly as at other times.




In other words, if you’re someone who is working with a major transit from Pluto or another slow-moving planet, and that transit is exact in late January or early February, this week will feel far from quiet, in spite of the short aspects list!




THAT BEING SAID, on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, the Moon does interact with each of the planets involved in the Cardinal Grand Cross. I do not usually include Moon aspects in this journal unless we are having a new or full moon (or an eclipse). That’s because the Moon moves so quickly that the effects of a lunar transit are relatively short-lived, usually lasting only an hour or two. 




However, since we’re working with this ongoing grand cross energy, I’m starting to pay attention to when the Moon interacts with those planets, to see if there are hints as to some of the outcomes and purposes of the grand cross itself.




IF YOU’D LIKE to play along, here are the times (in Pacific Standard Time) to watch:


  • Moon opposite Uranus: 10:22pm PST Tuesday
  • Moon square Pluto: 3:53am PST Wednesday
  • Moon square Jupiter: 6:20am PST Wednesday
  • Moon conjunct Mars: 7:50pm PST Wednesday


The Moon is the ruler of our emotions, so it may be useful to monitor how we’re feeling emotionally for an hour or so on each side of these exact times. The clues may be very subtle, or we may get strong awareness of how this energy feels and how it is working in our lives — again, especially if you’re working with strong Pluto and Uranus transits this year. 




GETTING BACK to our short aspects list, we see that the Sun squares the Nodes on Wednesday. This is an opportunity to check in with how we’re doing with respect to being in touch with our deeper motivations.




The North Node is currently in Scorpio, leading us collectively to seek truths that may have been hidden, so that we can move forward with greater clarity. The Sun brings light and awareness to whatever it touches, so it will be interesting to see what may come to light midweek.




MARS AND MERCURY are in harmonious relationship on Friday, indicating we are supporting in “walking our talk” on that day. Mars provides the courage to take risks, and Mercury supplies the ideas and the ability to communicate. When working together, these two planets can help us take action on our ideas, and have the courage to share what we’re thinking.




Over the weekend, however, Mercury bumps into first Saturn and then Uranus. We may have a bit of buyer’s remorse on Saturday when Saturn steps into the picture. Knowing that this aspect is coming may help us reconsider just how big a risk we want to take on Friday.




Then, when Uranus and Mercury are semisquare on Sunday, we’re likely not to care too much about what’s happened and who does or doesn’t believes in us and our ideas. With Uranus is in Aries, our rebel persona is never far away.









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