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COMPARED to the planetary aspects we worked with last week, this week looks fairly calm. We can use this time to do all of our support work, the kinds of things we don’t have time or attention for when things get stressful — meditate, take long walks, take in some sunshine vitamins (if possible in your part of the world), eat healthy foods, get good sleep, etc. 
Think of it as preparing for a journey, or better yet, preparing to run a marathon. It’s not so much about packing our bags, as much as it is about taking care of all aspects of our beings — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually — so that we are as ready as possible for the next leg of our journey…
…which may be here before we know it. We have a powerful Aries New Moon on Wednesday, April 10 that looks like it might push us out the door, whether we feel ready or not.
WE WILL DO WELL to take advantage of the optimistic energies on Monday, when Jupiter and the Sun have a play date. We may not have a lot of discipline or desire to sit at a desk and start the work week, so use this day to take the extra long lunch or lovely long walk.
It may feel like we’re being irresponsible, but in actuality, we’ll be using this planetary alignment to remind ourselves of what it feels like to have carefree, spontaneous moments in life. It’s one step — and a very important part — in our marathon preparation.
Carefree moments lift our spirits and help us remember what joy feels like. They energize our physical beings through a calming of the stress hormones that usually course through our veins. They soothe our minds and our emotions, enabling us to return to  “real” life feeling refreshed and ready for next steps.
Take advantage in any way you can!
WE MAY HAVE reminders on Tuesday of just why we need to make use of carefree moments when they’re available. Although there are no major aspects between the outer planets on Tuesday, the Moon will be in Capricorn and will trigger the effects of the Pluto-Uranus square.
Watch in particular around the time of the Moon-Uranus square (1:26pm PDT) and the Moon-Pluto conjunction (6:11pm PDT). Something is likely to occur around those times that relates directly to the greater changes currently underway. Or, we may be especially aware of our own dissatisfaction with the status quo, and our willingness and readiness to throw it all out and start over from scratch.
ON THURSDAY, Pluto and Chiron form an invigorating sextile aspect, providing the opportunity for us to transform fear into trust. This is another energy that we must consciously participate with — sextiles unlock the door, but we have to turn the knob, open the door, and step through to the other side.
Also on Thursday, our dwarf planet/asteroid Ceres changes signs, moving into Cancer. This is a subtle shift in our energy fields, but should increase our desire to be in our home environment or with people who help us feel protected, safe and nurtured. Ceres will be in Cancer until late June.
BE READY for another “I don’t want to do anything that looks like work” kind of day on Saturday. Mars and Venus are aligned in Aries, providing plenty of energy for igniting the flames of relationship, or at least the desire for same.
But, at the same time, both planets form a semisquare aspect to watery Neptune. This may effectively subdue those flames of desire for some — or perhaps bring in either confusion or overly idealistic visions of a beloved, or disillusionment when the reality doesn’t live up to the dream.
Still, this Mars-Venus alignment only occurs once a year, and marks a new starting point for relationships in general. These two planets will be strongly involved in the Aries stellium in next week’s New Moon, so whatever begins with their alignment is likely to bloom rather quickly.
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