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Astrology3THIS WEEK marks the beginning of a gradual shift. Imagine we are surfers, sitting on our boards on a calm ocean, allowing the undulating waters to gently rock us. This is the Pisces zone — nothing specific we need to be doing or thinking about. We are aware of our connection with the motion of the water, knowing that our main task is simply to “be” with whatever process is underway, and to let go of our need to control outcomes.
Switch to scene two: A giant wave rises behind us, we’re energized, paddling, aiming the surfboard in the direction that will enable us the best ride. Our senses are awakened, we are highly focused. The adrenalin rush itself may be the biggest ride of all. This is the Aries zone.
MONDAY DAWNS with seven planets in Pisces — the six from last week now being joined by the Moon. By midday, the Sun and Moon will align to form a Pisces New Moon (at 12:52pm PDT), birthing a new lunar cycle with strong transcendent, spiritual, and creative overtones.
The Sabian symbol for the New Moon both explains these Piscean themes and hints at how they will unfold over the next two weeks as the Moon grows into fullness:
“A prophet carrying tablets of the new law is walking down the slopes of Mount Sinai: The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the clear realizations made manifest in a great ‘peak experience.'”
MOST OF US long for that “peak experience” of either spiritual or creative connection that expands our conscious awareness, that opens doorways that had once seemed closed. Most of all, we want to know that this experience has changed us and altered our life path, in quantifiable ways.
Perhaps that kind of experience is possible with all this Pisces emphasis now — but in general, Pisces is a softer energy, one that redefines not with lightning bolts from the sky, but with the slow dissolving of the patterns of belief that have kept us separate from each other and from our own creative source. 
Lightning bolts may be more in the offing in the last half of March, as more and more of our Pisces planets make their way into Aries.
MARS is the first of the Pisces Seven to break free from the pack and lead the way into Aries (at 11:25pm PDT on Monday). As “ruler” of Aries, Mars is very comfortable here, inspiring us to initiate new projects and take risks that we may not have considered previously. The Moon will also be in Aries on Tuesday and Wednesday, adding fuel to the newly-lit fire.
We need to remember, however, that Mercury is still retrograde until Sunday. We may need to harness that Aries initiative for a few days, until we make sure that our conscious minds are also in gear.
ENJOY the Pisces wave for now, in whatever form it takes. Consider it an opportunity to be “in the flow” as much as possible, and find respite in the lack of direction.
The highly-energized Aries wave is not far off: The Sun enters Aries on March 20 and Venus follows suit on March 21. Mars aligns with Uranus in Aries on March 22, and on March 28, the Sun and Venus both align with Uranus.
A whole new world is just around the corner.
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