Top photo:
 Auroras over Whitehorse in the Yukon Territories during the early hours of September 3 (photo by Jonathan Tucker); Bottom photo: Auroras over Naimakka, Finland, on September 4 (photo by Ole C. Salomonsen)

IF YOU RECEIVE this journal in its graphic form, you’ll see two photos today instead of the usual one. The auroras this past week were so specatcular, I couldn’t decide which of these two photos I wanted most to use today, so decided to share them both.

I hope you find these photos as inspiring as I do! It’s amazing to have such incredible, visible demonstration of the effects of solar winds on the Earth’s energy field. And equally intriguing to consider what effects the interaction has on our human experience…

VENUS, the planet of relationship and harmony, is in our spotlight this week. On Wednesday, Venus forms a “yod” configuration with Pluto and Chiron. In a yod (also called “the finger of God”), two planets work together and focus their energies on a third planet, with the intention of bringing about important changes and adjustments.

Venus is at the apex of this week’s yod, and will be receiving an energetic push from both Pluto and Chiron. At the same time, she will be in harmonious trine aspect with Uranus. So, what does that all mean?

IN BRIEF, the yod is showing us where old relationship patterns no longer work. Pluto in Capricorn wants Venus in Leo to be willing to commit to a new level of honesty and intimacy, and make adjustments to relationships that have become superficial or based only on satisfying the needs of ego. Chiron in Pisces reminds Venus that lasting relationships require both an understanding of other and compassion for self—a willingness to let go of issues that don’t really matter, while also knowing when we take that too far and drift into self-sacrifice or victimhood.

Enter Uranus in Aries — the champion of change, with the courage to blaze new trails. Through a trine to Venus, Uranus provides the inspiration and insights that will help us to be flexible, to make the changes that are needed, and also to let go of relationships that are irretrievably wounding or disempowering.

OUR NEW MOON on Saturday sets the theme for the next two weeks—a fortnight that includes Pluto’s station (on the 17th), the second Pluto-Uranus square (on the 19th), a T-square between Pluto, Uranus and Mercury (on the 20th), the Libra Equinox (on the 22nd), and a Full Moon conjunct Uranus and square Pluto (on the 29th). To say this is a powerful lunar cycle might be understating it, just a tad.

We are ready for the next round of changes—and, because Mercury is conjunct Saturday’s New Moon, we are ready to bring something new into our awareness. This may appear in the form of higher-consciousness information, or the revelation of a human-level truth that has been hidden until now.

THE NEW MOON also closely squares Vesta and Ceres in Gemini, challenging us to think and communicate in new ways. We will want to watch where we might tend to get so caught up in facts and logic that we neglect to express or understand the deeper meaning. The most important truth may be held, not in the facts, but in the emotions and intentions behind the words.

At the same time, we will also want to observe our motivations for sharing a truth, an idea, or an opinion. Are our motives “honorable,” or are we seeking to impress or manipulate through what we choose to say?

THE DIRECTIVE to remain as pure as possible in our thoughts and words is repeated in the Sabian symbol for the 24th degree of Virgo, the location of the New Moon:

Mary and her little lamb: The need to keep a vibrant and pure simplicity at the core of one’s being as one meets the many tests of existence.

The interpretation of this symbol helps clarify further:

“Although great, spectacular and resolute efforts are needed in order to achieve one’s higher goals of destiny, still the essential quality as one journeys on ‘the Path’ is a pure, spontaneous, fresh and nonviolent approach to all encounters. Without such a deep, heartfelt simplicity, the seeker after spiritual experience or Initiation is bound to be glamorized by successes and to see the ego feeding on the drama of struggle and victory.” (from An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar)

It appears that this New Moon — and perhaps the upcoming Pluto-Uranus square as well —are setting in place some of the themes we anticipate with Saturn’s two-year transit of Scorpio, which begins the first week of October. Those themes include taking responsibility for our personal motives and for the effect we have on others through our words and through our emotions, both expressed and unexpressed.



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