8/29/12  7:20 PM

Drake Radio Interview Today.   6 – 9 PM, CST     Radio Link
Drake Said:

Tactically, everyone is in position.
* Most of the foreign special forces troops here are on our side.
If troops are wearing a NATO uniform, they are fair game.
If wearing a Russian or Chinese uniform, protect them.
They have orders not to interfere with civilians or our military.
All of the logistics for mass arrests are prepared.
* He has more access to verifiable information.
* When we are set free, the church bells will be ringing to notify us.
We have about 15 – 20 million people on our side and in place.
This includes military, sheriffs, deputies, militia etc.
* The show is now taking questions.  This means that the announcements have ended.
Therefore, I am concluding the recap at the 7:20 mark.