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Some notes from the call:
oppt_logo_blue13In depth discussion on NESARA, Global Accounts, etc New Financial System and OPPT
I am almost 2/3 through it but wanted to get this to you
It is being said on this call that the people holding the assets to support the new financial system (assets which were stolen as false collateral for the present crumbling financial system) are offering to work with OPPT to create this new system.  You definitely want to listen to this call – the beginning is nice conversation but it gets more in depth as you go along.  I would not recommend skipping to the middle, however.  As there is lots of detail discussed about the OPPT and how things are progressing as more and more people are learning the truth and are taking action.
Very good call (so far) have a little more to listen to.

“There’s a machine that exists that can…you’ve heard of 3D printing…but that can do this at a sub-atomic level…literally creating and putting energy patterns together to create anything you want.  This machine exists. ok.  it’s real.  there’s a patent for it.  it’s there.  the prototype exists. and it works.  Now, that machine was back engineered from human DNA.  that machine was back engineered from you, the human person.  we have this ability.  we just don’t know how to use it.  Now, whether you return the machine or you return the knowledge of how to use your own internal ability, both would render the entire system unnecessary….the thing about using this machine — within 15 minutes of using the machine, humans figure out they don’t need the machine at all.  they could do it themselves.  so, either one of these things returning into our introducing that into the system would immediately show you where the value is coming from, because it’s coming from your energy.  it’s coming from you.  and it would also immediately eliminate the need for money.  it would eliminate the need for factories.  it would eliminate the need for any of the structures that you see right now.  and it would give you the ability to create the world you wish.  it would give you the ability to clean up anything you saw in your reality because this construct can be changed.

It’s Keshe’s device