universe itself 9.11.1999 – solar eclipse

12.21.2012 winter solstice is 11:11 AM

procession of quinoxes and 26K cycle moving into age

aquarious 11th astroligcal sign12.21.2012 =11

sun cycles=11

1111*1111=1234321=a pyramid-plot on a graph and have a pyramid -steps

anything with a base of 1 get a pyramid

11 stands for a 3=trinity convert to binary

33 degree masons= 33 /3 get 11

9.11.2001 builidings stood like an 11


9.11 is 111 days from end of year

flight 11

# of crew on flight 11 was 11

ny was 11th state of us constitution

sept 11 2011 is 11 years from end of calendar

1992-2012=period of no time

9.11.2001 11 years to the end of no time

1966-1977- WTC took 11 years to create

9.11.1990 at 9:09 pm gearge bush speech abt to new world years

9.11.1941 when soil broken for pentagon

9.11 nastry war machine of america

1981 – birth of christ recalculated – earnest delmartin

calculated on JC’s birth – 9.11

star of bethlehem – 3 b.c sept 11th

apollo 11 – first shuttle to moon

11th hour of 11 day of 11 month is remembrance day of those we have lost

the word crown-caroon-corona-established in 1111.

consciousness precipitates matter

you create everything from thought (man has an orgasm when asleep – thought creates life)

2012=zion=new jerusalem

william blake wrote poem called “Jerusalem”

1972 first global terrorism at olympics – 11 israelis killed by black sept which is a 9.11

hosted 121 countried which is 11*11

1984 olympics – ufo lands???

1111 on dollar bill

fbi and cia logo have buildings essentially in them

british emblem has 11 (building)and crown in it

macdonalds has the 12321 out of the word

golden arches are the freemason pyramid related

Schweppes –