If my channel is starting to look more
like the Corbett Report than my
characteristic random discoveries on
YouTube, all I can say is that James
Corbett is producing some of the best
dissident media on Earth and I heartily
urge my viewers to support his efforts,
since he does all of what he does with
contributor donations.

This report reminds us that, as citizens,
we can put our feet down through several
legal means, specifically via Nullification.
I guess that it sometimes takes a Canadian
to teach Americans about our own rich
history, in the use of this law, which was
first enacted by Thomas Jefferson and
James Madison, as a last resort, should all
three branches of the Federal Government
(Executive, Legislative and Judicial) become
irredeemably corrupt – and the last defense
would be to rally the States, to stand their
ground for Freedom and Rule of Law.

This clip includes excellent interviews with
Tom Woods (tomwoods.com), author of the
book, ‘Nullification: How to Resist Federal
Tyranny in the 21st Century,’ and with Michael
Maharrey, Member of tenthamendmentcenter.com,
which is a part of a coalition of activist websites
helping to organize OffNow.org, which urges the
Citizens of Utah to urge the subdivision of
Bluffdale, Utah to deny water for the massive
NSA data center, currently under construction
(Bluffdale also supplies water to the capital of that
already-parched State).

The incomplete data center would require millions
of gallons of water per day, to keep its computers
cool – water, which the State of Utah arguably does
not have to spare.

Maharrey advises us as to the steps we can take
to get involved, to stop NSA’s illegal unconstitutional

1. Go to the website, offnow.org, and to try to get
the State of your Residence (where you vote) to
take on the proposed legislation, which is
downloadable from the site.

2. Even easier, simply post the offnow.org link on any
and all of your social media accounts, which will drive
your friends to look into the work that this group is

3. If you are part of a grassroots political organization,
to let your colleagues know about the work of
OffNow.org and to consider becoming a local partner
in this movement.

4. People from countries outside the US are very much
encouraged to participate by going to OffNow.org, as
well, as the NSA is illegally spying there, too.

Moreover, incrementally-increasing, tyrannical
legislation being passed, on a weekly basis is hardly
relegated to the the United States but is ongoing
in countries, worldwide.

Video (38 mins):

How to Nullify the NSA (and Every Other Tyrannical
Government Agency)


– Alexandra

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Alexandra Bruce
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