I had blogged a while ago the sudden death of Stuart and was sorry to see him go, although I sense he is working for all of us across the veil.  He was such an amazing speaker and author and greatly affected my spiritual walk.-A.M. 

A masterpiece from Stuart Wilde. Found here:http://www.stuartwilde.com

I saw a god-like female appear to me. She was standing in a garden between two mounds covered in grass, they were about eight feet high. She had thousands of diamonds sparkling in her etheric energy.
She watched me for thirty seconds or so, then she faded and I saw her no more. Her light was intensely soft and beautiful, very powerful indeed.
In the insane world of the emerging human shadow and the male political ego, it always reassures me that the feminine spirit will win in the end. She’s the sacred mother. That helps me feel safe. The ghouls go towards her because they want her light, her power, they want to possess her, but as they get close, it’s too late, she fries them.
Here in 3-D some females can fire their light thirty feet or so, right across the street. Brilliant to watch.
I saw another vision of a garden a few days ago. It was pre-dawn and quite dark, then over the distant hills I saw a celestial dawn come up quite quickly, the light of the dawn was pure gold, it was very bright gold.
The ugliness of the global darkness helps the new dawn come about. Beauty lasts—it’s eternal, while the human ego comes out to be destroyed or transmuted—the sisters of fate laugh while the ego burns.
Blow love at the cows, their life is horrible at the hands of cruel humans, helping the cows helps the world heal. Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com)