Official_portrait_of_Barack_ObamaYesterday, President Obama released the details of his plan to combat gun violent. While many were expecting an aggressive approach to gun control using executive orders, the reality fell far short of those expectations.

Republican insiders report that the backlash to Obama’s gun control plan was so intense that he had to back down from his original plan. There was also harsh criticism that Obama would consider attempting to use executive orders as a power grab, usurping the constitutionally mandated powers of the Legislative branch.

In the Ulsterman Report, it was reported that there were a series of conferences between the White House and Senate leaders, and that while Obama was prepared to aggressively push a gun control agenda said to include confiscation, the overwhelming outcry and the real possibility of extreme negative backlash made them reconsider.

The result was the revised and heavily watered down plan announced yesterday. In his speech Obama acknowledged he could only do so much on his own and that the real changes needed to go through Congress.

He outlined three major changes that he wants Congress to consider.

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