Well I don’t know about you, but it sure feels like we are getting VERY CLOSE!!!  We have reached Cobra’s infamous October 6th date, chemtrails are blanketing the skies at an all time high in months, Congress has exited until elections, gas prices are soaring, and Obama demonstrated little zest with the Presidential debates.  Now there are confirmation that military evacuation  are going down…Are our Galactic Brothers and Sisters revealing themselves soon?  
Saturday, October 6, 2012 6:01

John Moore joins Dr. Deagle to discuss the recent debate in which Barack Obama appears to be “indifferent”. Is this another sign that Barack Obama “has an inside track that something is going to happen” and knows that something is going down in the very near future that makes these debates just trivial matters of inconsequence? Certainly his lackluster performance sends hints that he has other, more ‘important things’, on his mind than winning a presidential election, one that may not occur in November anyway.

John and Dr. Deagle also discuss the probability of Mexican and Canadian troops coming to America as being a signal that ‘all hell is breaking loose’. Also elaborated upon is the ‘evacuation’ of East Coast military bases due to a potential impending natural disaster and updates with Ann Morrison on the Louisiana sinkhole. An action packed first 10 minutes of the show.