Tuesday, March 12, 2013 20:49

(Before It’s News)

What is going on in this video? Is one of Barack Obama’s bodyguards an alien or a reptilian shapeshifter? On Barack Obama’s most recent trip to Israel back in 2008, the following video footage was taken and captured on this brief video clip by AZAZEL8867 recently. The original footage can be seen in the video below discussing Obama’s upcoming trip to Israel, You can see that this original shot has not been altered. The segment captured below occurs at the 36 second mark of the second video. This video is getting a lot of play on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet with comments coming in expressing shock, amazement and denial. A high definition photo below shows more human features and thisexplanation:

I downloaded the original in 720 HD, sampled one frame, zoomed in the subject and tweaked it.

[link to a41i.img-up.net]

IMO he’s a shapeshifter and the camera caught him red-handed. I’m finishing downloading the full speech, where he’s filmed several times in front. He does look human, and we can see human ears and a face. But from the angle of the shot made by Jewish News One, it looks like he shapeshifted and his human face was just gone. There’s no (edited) way that physical transformation could have been an image glitch.

What do you think, is this proof of extraterrestrial life, shapeshifting reptilians or merely another photoshop?