Much like Cobra, I was very drawn to a man named Mark Huber, an amazing Light Being with exceptional intel and knowledge!  He was another of those who instantaneously changed my perspectives.  Beth Trutwin did much work with him and therefore, she was well trained and experienced some heavy duty Earth assignments as I recall…Now that I have watched the October forecast, I am thinking we have a very good possibility for some incredible events ahead as Beth is suggesting!  Wow!  October OR December?  Let’s inspire, envision, imagine, proclaim it to be O-C-T-O-B-E-R!!!
 Through Elizabeth Trutwin September 24, 2012

Ashtar CommandGreetings! This is Sananda from the New Jerusalem. We are coming to you frequently to let you know your focused collective energy is needed now. I would like to share with the Ground Crew details of The Plan for Ascension which has been voted on and decided on after lengthy presentations, submissions of evidence and statements made by thousands of representatives from numerous Star Nations in your Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy. These are representatives from The Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. You have on Earth several Ones saying they channel representatives from the Galactic Federation or Sirian Ambassadors and others who wish you harm, Earthquakes, disasters, starvation, lack of everything. These are imposters. No need to heed their warnings, they are paid by the cabal to keep anyone who will listen in fear.  They are all fake. You already know the truth.

Lord Ashtar has initiated the October Surprise ~ Keep Your Eyes To The Skies. The object is to Occupy the Media with information about Full Galactic Disclosure so they may comment on the movement and bring awareness to the issue on mass scales. As requested, there are two White House Petitions asking for Disclosure now. One Petition has the White Knights from the Pentagon and CIA saying they have proof that the Roswell Crash recovered bodies and crafts from Outer Space. The other Petition asks for a financial accounting for billions per year as well as all data, video, images and reports from the United States Space Council from 1989 – 1992. The Space Council was closed after Richard Truly, ex-Chief of NASA, heading up the Space Council insisted President H. W. Bush Disclose to the World the extraterrestrial activity of building Moon and Mars Bases. The New York Times wrote several articles at the time about plans for building Moon and Mars Bases and the abrupt dismantling of the Space Council. No accountings have ever been made. We have pictures from this Mars Rover posted online which are the Bases the Space Council built.

There are a few hundred signatures on the one petition right now. It may be for a number of reasons. Many of you may be asking of everything is going to end in October, why would I bother signing? Why do this at all? Very good question, please let me explain.

Every one reading this is a Starseed, has a vague or more memory of their Star Home and more than that are contactees. That is this lifetime. If we open the Akashic Record and review your every lifetime going back millions or possibly trillions of years we would be able to discover your lifetimes at Atlantis on Earth and Lemuria on Earth amongst your Other thousands of lifetimes as a Star Being in the Star Nations. Understand those alive on Earth today are the same Ones who played roles which were not helpful during Atlantis, during the Orion Wars where refugees flooded Earth. All of the mad scientist of Atlantis and all of the Light Workers back from that time are all alive together again right now to repair the karma made when Earth was destroyed through nuclear holocaust along with the large crystals, free energy and unobstructed Space travel. This happened around 5000 years ago. Around 100 years ago when Earth was gifted technologies to bring about the Master Plan individuals were hand picked to receive the technologies and speed us forward to Ascension fully into the 5th Dimension. Tesla, Einstein, Brown, Wright, Armstrong and so many names you do not know because their Missions were hidden, like the Physicist who was shown to use nuclear fusion for free energy.  With the technological advancement of the last 100 years came spiritual advancement. At this time your life was mapped out before you were born. When you agreed to live on Earth now you made a promise that you would do everything in your ability to wake up the masses and take positive steps forward for Earth Ascension. You agreed knowing full well your Mission involved forgetting at birth and waking up this Body to take it through to Ascension. You agreed knowing you would have a challenging role repairing your karmic mistakes in the past and you would have an ego and programming in the matrix working against you.

To sign or not to sign? October Surprise is designed to simply be a gift to humanity. It is a tool. Its is a hint. It is an objective: Occupy The Media. If you havenʻt noticed that your newspapers, radio and television news is controlled by about 5 cabal spoon feeding you the fake news then you havenʻt been paying attention. Many contactee White Knights like Rachel Maddows and Keith Olberman work within this framework but under a Gag Order. They do their best with two hands tied behind their back. There are 100s of White Knights working under a gag order – with constant death threats – on tv, the radio in the papers and on blogs. Occupy the Media is where you – who has no such Gag Order – or threats – take your Freedom of Speech to the media by posting and emailing about Disclosure. When there are 25,000 signatures the 5 cabal cannot keep that news out of the papers, off tv or off the radio. The White House Website is a very well visited high traffic site. The White Knights know about October Surprise since the orders came down from Ashtar. They are waiting and watching to see if you are ready this time. This is the 7th such Petition since the beginning of the White House Website. There are 60 days to get the needed signatures. It overwrites the cabal. It takes your life back into your own hands. It burns off your karma. It raises Collective Consciousness. It speeds Zero Point. It speeds Ascension, Announcements, NESARA and World Peace. The NESARA Petition received enough signatures to receive a White House reply. No reply has come. Why? President Obama is waiting to have a Disclosure Petition come to completion so he has both in hand as proof that We The People have spoken and it is his trigger for Announcements. He cannot Announce until the Orders have come down From We The People. This is the One Key that has been overlooked. This is not just a Petition. This must be a Collective effort because The Ones who Made The Karma in the first place ARE REQUIRED to pay their debt to THE WHOLE.

Starseeds incarnate on Earth promised aeons ago that they would come back and repair their misdeeds together. They agreed it would be done with all factions, dark and light, working together. In fact, it is a Universal Law. It will not be done in October or December or any calendar date UNTIL ALL WORK TOGETHER.

President Obama started the White House Petition website as an order come down from the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. He is in constant contact with extraterrestrials holding positions on that Council. His Mission is to return Earth as VOTING MEMBERS of that Council. He made the rules of the Petition that any human over the age of 13 from any Country may sign. This made the Petition process count under the statues of Universal Law. Universal Law are the Divine Laws under which we are all held and violations are prosecutable at the Solar Tribunal at Saturn. Any Earth Citizen over 13 can sign. This was only fair. If it were up to the Children of Planet Earth the signatures would already be complete!

There are 5000 signatures on the NESARA Petition. After that Petition the rules of the White House Website changed increasing the needed amount to 25,000 signatures. There are millions of people who have stated in polls that they believe our Governments are hiding their involvement and knowledge of extraterrestrials from their Citizens. The reason the number increased was because a larger consensus was required in order to fulfill the karma of the sinking of Atlantis and other large atrocities through time. NESARA merely pays back what was stolen from you by the cabal. No large consensus was needed for that. Indeed the number was kept low on purpose so President Obama would be required by We The People to make the Announcement! Ever since the Petition was completed the Announcements have been a GUARANTEE. However, the timing (No dates, No Nukes, No Flukes) is completely up to the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. (NOT UP TO PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!) October Surprise is a gift. It is two new Petitions. It is a way to give the White Knights standing by on orders from the Galactic Federation to help you BUT ONLY WHEN YOU COMMAND THEM TO DO SO by taking a part of the process. In fact, if this is not done by the Election then President Obama runs the risk of becoming one of the Presidents guilty of War Crimes of High Treason by NOT ANNOUNCING. If we had rigged elections like the Tea Party so desperately wants the tide could potentially turn and there would be more waiting. The cabal would just love to have Ascension pushed back again because the Collective Consciousness did not do their part by demanding it Be So. The Collective Conscious set up the December 21, 2012 date by making it so, by sharing with each other the date in millions and millions of emails over the years making it so. October Surprise and Disclosure is THAT CLOSE and its ALL UP TO YOU!

WHY? Good Question. Every person on Earth alive today is here for One Collective Mission – Ascend Earth and the Beings Living Upon Her. You do not have your memories intact from all of your lifetimes. You are not certain of the role you played. You may have been holding the Light through every Earth aeon. You may have played both helpful and unhelpful roles. You may have had major and very dark participation in the harm done to the Whole. The reason your memory is not intact is because Universal Law states all must be treated as Equals under the Law. All Must Be Treated With Compassion. All Must Be Forgiven Unconditionally. All Must Be Loved All the Way Back To Creation. Even In Cases of Second Death Compassion Must Be Practiced In Order For Earth To Heal. It is a very nice Plan if you think about it. It is all inclusive and based in love for the Highest Good of All.

To sign or not to sign? You will not be judged by anyone in Heaven or on Earth if you do not sign. ONLY YOU CANNOT ESCAPE judgment from Your Highest Self if your life does not go as planned. Your Highest Self will judge you. You will pay back to the Whole  any sins of omission. Only YOU can decide for YOUR SELF the best action for your Highest Good. This is after all a noetic science experiment. Earth Ascension when looked at outside Space and Time has already happened a long time ago. The WHEN in your NOW is ALL UP TO YOU AND YOU AND YOU. This is Your Mission, should you be willing to accept it. Good Luck! Namaste. This is Lord Sananda, Commander of the New Jerusalem with Ashtar the Captain standing by to Serve You and Welcome You Aboard. Be Creative with October Surprise and see how fast you can get it to hit the front page of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and The Guardian then MSNBC and to the Final Frontier. Soltec will broadcast to the Ships your Success and we will all celebrate together. Peace Be With You. Through Elizabeth Trutwin September 24, 2012 © All Rights Reserved.,http://Garuda.co,   An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus.
This is a question and answer session on video Skype and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit To help The Plan my two best selling books are available free until October 31, 2012. Just email me and ask for a link to download the Ebooks Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation and/or StarGate Earth. See more here.