July 23, 2013

MeHey Folks!

I REALLY want to thank ALL of you for your kind words, support, love, and heads up on the website….it “appears” that the work we are doing may have caused a rippled response which unfortunately brought my site down for a while today.  Thanks for letting me know.  I was bosom deep in grass and weeds climbing back into a property with the most a-m-a-z-i-n-g vortex.  The only thing was we had to walk amongst the gazillions of jumping spiders, mosquitoes, and chiggers to get there…let’s just say these insects love my blood!

This activation was especially powerful from the stand point of blanketing the planet with a unification of male and female alignment.  More understanding, better communication, increased compassion, and less of a gap between the two genders.  I once again had to prevent myself from falling to my knees, overwhelmed with The Divine Love and the swelling of emotion within my heart as I saw the world being FREE – free from oppression, enslavement, miscreation, grief, travesty, suffering, starvation, homelessness, disease…well you get the gist….it was a fairly lengthy ceremony and also very powerful!

We are off to Arkansas tomorrow where the majority of our work resumes.

I haven’t been to Tennessee since I was a young girl, and one thing I can definitely say about this time around is the nature kingdom is so vibrant and alive!  The fluorescence of the trees, the glittering of the leaves after each rainstorm, and the twinkling of sun rays on the raindrops as they drip to the ground is overwhelmingly celestial.  This is truly a paradise…

I did manage to get an uninterrupted internet connection to fulfill my interview with Martyn…a good chat about topics such as ascension, remote viewing, meditation, expanding consciousness, etc.  Please go to the following link to have a listen with a cuppa! http://www.bbsradio.com/archive_display.php?showname=Galactic_Connection

So again, have patience if there aren’t posts up each day as usual.  I am following my clarion call and hopefully many of you will feel its results.  I know I do.

Love to you all-